Arias was found guilty, but she still won

I sat down to watch Troy Hayden's interview on Fox 10. Honestly, I'm still not sure why. I must have been caught up in the moment in wanting to hear what Jodi Arias had to say. Now, I regret it.

I regret it because as I sat there watching Arias explain how she favors the death penalty over life in prison, I found myself feeling sympathy for her. Until I remembered what she was on trial for in the first place; killing Travis Alexander. She shot him in the head, stabbed him 27 times and slit his throat. Gruesome.

I have no connection to this case. I have no recollection of Travis Alexander's death in 2008, nor do I remember when Jodi Arias was arrested a month later. I'm happy justice is in the process of being served here. But, this trial should be no different from any other murder trial, you know, the hundreds of other ones we don't watch.

Let's be honest: people didn't watch this case for justice, despite those "justice for Travis" chants. People watched for their own reasons. The hundreds who showed up to the courthouse did so for their own reasons too. Maybe it was curiosity. Maybe it was the sexy details. Maybe it was something else. Fine. Those are valid reasons to care. I'd just prefer some honesty about it instead of pretending this is about ‘justice.'

I'll admit I got caught up in all the hype, even as I despised the coverage of the trial. I watched the verdict being read. But, by no means do I pretend I care about justice in this case. I watched simply because I wanted to see Arias' reaction to the verdict.

See, if this trial was truly about justice we would care about every other murder case. We'd want cameras present during those trials. We'd watch the verdicts being read. But, we don't care. This is why Arias won. She got us emotionally invested in this murder case while just about every other one gets ignored. We know her name. Like it or not, she's famous.

I'll leave you with these facts to add a little perspective. In 2010 the CDC says there were 16,259 homicides in the United States. Around 6,000 of them will go unsolved. We are not in the streets demanding justice for those cases. They haven't touched us. There are no cameras present and no sexy details. Our sense of ‘justice' gets skewed when TV cameras show up.

The cameras may have caught every detail of this salacious trial but they've missed fact that there are 185,000 murders that remain unsolved that occurred between 1980 and 2008. Why don't we care about ‘justice' for their friends and families? The answer seems pretty obvious.

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    MolonLabe wrote...
    Holy CRAZY Batman
    Hey AmyLee, you sound like you need some medication. Get off your high horse long enough to read what you just wrote. Are you kidding me? Travis was a nice kid?? He was a playboy at best, a bit of a deviant, and certainly a manipulator who clung to his faith when it suited him, and clung to whomever when it wasn't. Does that mean he deserved to die? Or that this psycho b**ch deserves to walk? He11 no it doesn't. But unless you are down at that courthouse everyday fighting for justice for every other
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    MolonLabe wrote...
    victim and their family - you got caught up like everyone else. "Travis could have been my son, my brother, my nephew, my could all these high profile victims" high profile victims? so you are saying his life is somehow more valuable than the victims we don't hear about everyday? You got caught up and now you feel like some crusader, but you're not. The real pity here is that drama queens like you only care about "high profile victims". Now go feed your 9 cats and leave the conversation on this to those who can view it objectively.
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    MolonLabe wrote...
    oh, almost forgot -
    Great article Rob, I'm glad someone finally put some truth in print about this - and the commentary on how we tend to view these things. Kudos
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    Juan the Pilgrim wrote...
    ...what he said!
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    tuscanyi wrote...
    please go away!
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    cas77 wrote...
    You know why she "won"?
    Because of media outlets, KTAR included, continued to cover every. single. detail. Bruce, Mac, Gaydos, Chcuk, karie, et al continuously complained about the coverage only to turn around and, holy moly, cover the trial! Quit complaining about the trial, as you all were complicit in making her a "celebrity".
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    ollieburger wrote...
    not pretty
    Who says she's pretty, big nose big ugly lips ocome on .This is just a plain ole girl but a killer and in a rage watch out. I'm sad to say that she did this but she did ,no dought ,she got him from behind and murdered him straight up.Eeven thou she says I want the death penalty ,we should put her away .This is silly I dont care if she is a beauty queen in all others mind ,she did it put her down .If we dont we are not living the truth.Death penalty Yes
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    Juan the Pilgrim wrote...
    define nice kid, revisited--
    If Chris Brown would have killed Rihanna, rather than just beat her silly...we'd all be gathered around mourning and demanding justice. After all, she was only a nice kid.
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    Japricka_Joe wrote...
    Give Us a Break
    You all cared about Travis ( a person you never met or even seen or knew) about as much as you care about the environment or the wildfires or the floods. If it ain't you then deep inside you hope it gets worse and you want to see destruction. Like I go to nascar races to see the competitive driving, and like I watch porn for the acting. Get real and stop pretending. Be honest and stop seeking the attention... Here watch this:..............
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    Diane M. wrote...
    Her stage getup didn't do the trick ~
    Defense lawyers give their clients precise directions about how to look in court - in this case it was to appear like a convent novice - straight hair, no makeup, glasses, dark clothes, no jewelry, hang-dog expression, soft voice - "I am so weak and pitiful and incapable of understanding what I actually did". I don't agree at all with those blogs that comment about her being attractive - just can't see it. Regardless, the staged appearance didn't work.
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