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Updated Apr 22, 2011 - 6:00 pm

Fun Katy's Social Media Mailbag

I get to read the best tweets, posts and texts on "Getting Social" with Doug & Wolf every weekday morning at 8am. There are many great tweets, posts and texts that don't make the show and I figured there had to be another way to let "getting social" live on.

With that said, we have created the Social Media Mailbag. Tweet me @FunKaty620, find me on Facebook, or email me.

I think it would be very difficult to find anyone who would say they hate Steve Nash. I don't know that hanging onto him would cause something similar to the Warner/Cards disaster but I understand the fear.

Now is the time to trade Steve Nash. Pull the trigger. He's safe and familiar but on the decline. Not enough to freak anyone out but his trade stock isn't going to increase anytime soon. He still has another two or three solid years left and the Suns need that leverage to get good value in return. I feel there's a 99% chance of the NBA having a lockout so I think it's a must for the Suns to make the trade before their hands are tied.

It's hard for me to buy into Fitz being the future of the Arizona Cardinals since there's only one year left on his contract. Of course I want him to be committed long-term but I imagine 2011 will be the last season we see Fitz in a Cards uni. He's one of the best wide receivers in history, and yeah, he means a lot to this fan base and the organization as a whole. But Fitz will have that impact anywhere he goes. Without a decent QB to get him the ball, his full production can't be utilized. #11 had half as many touchdowns in 2010 as he did in 2009, and that number will continue to decline until the Cards can find a quarterback.

Seriously? 'Fear the Fork'? I use one everyday. I mean, who says that...the spoon? Cc: @FunKaty620less than a minute ago via TweetCaster Favorite Retweet Reply

Kathy, you're ridiculously funny. I love your sense of humor!

I'm happy for ASU and their players. A little excessive with the fashion show thing. Too LeBron "The Decision"-esque for me.

I think it may give the Sun Devils a small edge in recruiting for a year. But I believe that if men's basketball misses another year in the NCAA tourney, and ASU football doesn't go to a bowl, their uniforms will lose their sizzle. Us girls know you you gotta have the swag to rock a killer outfit. If the hottest girl in the bar has a bad attitude, nobody wants to hang out with her. The Devils can look as sexy as they want, but they better find the talent to back it up.

@FunKaty620 I feel like gruden is unnecessarily *[jerk] in his QB camp vids. Is he supposed to be helping the kids or humiliating them?less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

* We had to eliminate a word used in that previous tweet. To give you an explanation, @nottherealJoshD used a word that was close to meaning Gruden can be a jerk in his QB camp vids.

I think he's just being a teacher. I believe his tough questions are helping these QBs get better rather than just embarrassing them. I certainly don't think any of his questions were unfair. It's fourth and inches between humiliating them and teaching them humility. Coach Gruden is keeping them right-sized instead of making them feel small.

I'm afraid some of these college guys don't know the difference. Maybe they've forgotten what it feels like to be treated as a student. I'll guess that some of these guys have never had such honesty before either.

I get to interview quite a few people for part-time jobs at KTAR, and a few weeks ago I came across a resume with a few spelling errors. When the potential employee came in to interview, I gave him his resume back, with the spelling errors circled. I explained to him that your resume makes a first impression and misspelled words don't make for a solid figurative handshake. He could have umm-ed and ahh-ed his way out of it but he took responsibility right away, admitted it was mistake, and asked if he could resubmit his resume with the errors corrected. I hired him the next week.

@FunKaty620 Still feelin good about your Mavs Katy?less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Yes! I love the NBA playoffs. Great to see the seven and eight seeds in the Western conference keeping it competitive. Of course the Eastern conference is decidedly boring but that's to be expected. I'm guessing Mavs vs Bulls in the NBA Finals.

Neither. I think they are equally sick individuals in their own unique ways. I believe both could benefit from minding their manners and keeping it in their pants.

Thanks for "Getting Social"!


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