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Doug & Wolf

Updated Feb 8, 2013 - 8:24 am

Doug's Nightly Notes from Thursday, February 7th

Arizona State's Carrick Felix (0) shoots over California's Richard Solomon (35) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)

at Cal at ASU

great steal from Felix and spliting the 1on2

Cal can't stop Carson penetration but Carson struggles with Cox's penetration

very patient offense for Cal...trying to get ASU out of lanes

Felix has a major strength advantage and isn't using it...must be exploited

1st media TO...10-8 ASU

back-2-back possessions where Felix has Crabbe on his hip and doesn't take him

1st zone I've seen from ASU in a year

Gilling thinking too much. had a look from 22 ft but threw it off of Pateev's head

Pateev is such a waste offensively...doesn't feel the defense and missed an easy chance to spin baseline

finished typing and Pateev hits a right block sky hook

2nd media TO...18-9 ASU

Pateev with aggressive dunk off miss...I know nothing

Pateev with an airball that missed by 2 feet...I feel better

Jacobson in at 8:55...earlier than normal of late

Jacobson and JB in that line-up w/ Gordon/Carson/Felix

3rd media TO...7:34

JaB just bought a head fake while Soloman still had his dribble then fouled him on way to the basket...6th grade basketball...led to a made FT, reb & 3pt

Pateev makes hook in the lane while crowd cheers...quit going away from the basket

Cal's defense is unbelievably slow...they don't recognize Gilling as a shooter

4th media TO...35-22

Pateev dunks...crowd goes nuts...yet he took 3 steps...bad officiating

college kid sitting near me with a sleeveless shirt ripped to her waist to show her whole chest...if my daughter ever...

end of Half...37-27 ASU

JB doesn't hold his post-up...allows defense to get around him...has little chance for a Euro career if that doesn't change

1st media TO...46-33 ASU

lots of fouls...tired defense...slow game so this is on the players

Pateev got hit in the butt by the Crabbe intentional throw it to yourself that play...tells me all I need to know about Crabbe

refs are bad but Cal is allowing it to affect their play...quit bitching and play

ball is really sticky for movement

Cal's defense is horrific...Montgomery is a much better coach than this...Gordon right down the lane for a layup

2nd media TO 52-41 ASU

Carson's defense has picked up in second picking up his 3rd foul has become less of an issue, he's become more aggressive

Pateev with a no-look pass and a quick hedge...painfully slow but working against Solomon

3rd media TO 60-45

guy next to me on press row is about 350lbs and drinking diet coke?

ASU now only up 6 because of the bad offense...ball still sticking

ASU slowing it down and then wondering why their offense has no flow...when will coaches learn?

last media TO 62-56 ASU...offense has come to a complete stop...back to back shot clock possessions...2:30 and 1:22

quick 3 off the in-bounds for Cal...quick TO at 1:13...horrible defense for Cal's first half but Montgomery has done well in this half...good clock management

ASU still backing it out and eating clock...took 20 seconds off the clock just to call a TO...if ASU loses, this one's on Herb

CAl stayed in man off the TO...why not switch to a zone? terrible coaching...Gordon at the line

up by 3...1st one good...up by 4...2nd one good...ASU by 5

huge 3 by Cobbs over Pateev...good of Ruslan not to foul...ASU by 2...Cal TO

Cal 9...ASU 5=team fouls

22.9 sec

1-2-1-1 in bounds...fouled Gordon on in-bounds

1st one good...ASU by 3...missed 2nd

Crabbe got fouled on way to call...poor guts to make the call

Gilling fouled but after Carson took in-bounds pass and ran off 7 sec

ASU by 3...1st one missed badly...2nd one swish...ASU by 4


granted I'm watching it on TV but there's energy in the building

great chances a minute in...Bodeker must shoot that

Torres' 1st shift...was laughing at a tweet I got when some fan told me there wouldn't be any fireworks tonight

Blackhawks owning the Yotes crease

Vrbata...good class to check on Kane...CHI PP 14 min

Korpikoski with a great take shorthanded but Vermette blew a juicy rebound

penalty killed

defense very slow to get back...horrible defensive spacing...Stallberg splits double

how did the Yotes beat these guys? Hawks have so much more skill...coaching and heart matters

Chicago's more physical which is completely unacceptable since they are the skill team

Morris completely chunks an easy 1-timer...breaks his stick

interference on PHX disrupts a breakaway...didn't see it, must have been off-camera

what a load a crap on that cross-check...never mind...saw it on the replay and I'll buy it...5-on-3 with the interference...KANE

shocked at how flat the Yotes are

bad icing w/ 2:49 left

Kane took the whole defense to the corner and opened up Bolland in the's 3-0 and Yandle just took a other way to say it but the Coyotes are trying to win a game with their head in their I'm typing there's a trip on Michalek

can't blame officiating...KANE again...this is a butt whopping

end of 1st...4-0 CHI

didn't realize Yandle got 10min...already down on defense

better energy but still exposed by CHIs talent

Mike Smith with a great save on a shot from the point...called interference on Saad...looked like a good hit

right through the crease and Yotes miss it

OEL just took a shot...never mind...clear dive...barely a hook...good call

still 5-4 but now down 2 defensemen

big shot from Vrbata...maybe Hanzal on the deflection

4-1 CHI...if they would have played with the same energy in the 1st period it wouldn't be such a beat down

pretty wheel from Bolland and Kane

Mickalek took a stick to the face

4-min was Gordon that got pp

Hossa for holding...can't keep up with all the penalties

good first minute on the penalty but now can't get past a short-handed fore-check

penalty on Doan...1st real bad call

big push from Hanzal on the fore-check despite being short-handed

Toews is phenomenal...completely owning this PP...Yotes give up only a ding off the post

WOW...wrote the last Toews sentence 90 seconds before his goal...never seen someone make OEL look like that

Yandle just got completely destroyed behind the net...back2back games where Yandle has been terrible...little bit of a bad break when Doan had the chance to clear puck got stuck in the refs skates but that goal is completely on Yandle...Smith is pulled

6-1 CHI

Yandle with a good rush and 2 seconds later has a terrible turnover

end of 2...6-1 CHI

good hit by least someone is out there hitting

ohh...Torres just missed a massive hit

bad headache and I still haven't watched Indiana/Illinois

haven't seen a lot of OEL in the 3rd

Great stat...32 goals this year against PHX and 12 are to CHI

Doan took an unsportsmanlike...CHI PP...been along time since Tip has seen a game and effort like this

CHI completely lost their edge...very slow on the PP

huge hit from Morris right in front of the crease...might have stopped a goal

8th CHI PP...first shot hit the post

how was that not a PHX penalty...Stalberg was going in alone DVR just ran over...Jennifer didn't extend the time


great point by Kerr on Kobe going public about Howard's injury

strong foul from Collins against Kobe...glad to see it wasn't flagrant...hate wussification of the game

Howard just got clobbered by Wilcox

Nash sits alone for 10 seconds and it takes Artest to figure it out and Nash gets a 3

3 offensive rebounds on one possession for BOS

horrible one even spotted Wilcox underneath...he dropped an easy pass

Blake at the end of the shot clock...scoop over Wilcox

Garnett controlling the paint...HA...Kerr said next box out for LAL will be there first

Meeks big steal from KG and went the distance for the dunk...LAL down 8

KG just scored 25K pt

finally Nash with the ball at the point...bad kick out though...he had a look

Nash without Kobe on the floor has the ball moving

Kobe's back and the b all sticks

Nash with the bail out jumper despite no offensive movement

Boston is much more physical with Kobe than most

great nash move to the basket and Howard simply stands...amazingly low basketball IQ

Nash made his zipper drive to Kobe but Kobe didn't flash with him...3 months together and Kobe still has no chemistry with Nash

Howard is working hard on the boards

Half-time...BOS 58-44

Pierce was there does Howard have no realization and picks up his 3rd so early in the floors me how anyone could play basketball for this long and no so little about the game yet have such an out-of-control ego

Pierce tried so hard to hide that elbow to Artests's head...if he hits anyone other than Artest that's a flagrant

when Kobe's on the floor, I see nothing that resemples a D'Antoni offense

great pass to Artest from Nash and he has no idea what to do with it

Lakers defensive rotation is an embarrassment

physical block from Howard...glad it wasn't called a flagrant...just a hard foul

LAL down by 13

Lee is all over Bryant and Kobe keeps putting them in but he's exhausted

almost every play is a Kobe post-up and back does even Kobe think that's going to win games

Artest with the back down...there is no offense what-so-ever...D'Antoni is doing nothing

Kobe back offense

from 4:30 on

6 passes for Bos...2p

2 passes for LAL...3p

Bos turnover

LAL...0 passes...0p

Bos...4 passes...2p

LAL...0 passes...2p off O-reb

Bos...3 passes...3p

LAL...1 pass...0p

BOS...outlet for layup...2p

LAL...1 pass...0p (Green just got the dunk and then blocked the shot)

BOS...3 passes...3p

LAL...2 passes...0p

BOS...4 passes...0p

end of 3rd...BOS 95-69 (37pt Q)

Howard in without Nash or Kobe...why Mike...use Nash to get Howard going

1 pass to Howard on the block...turnover

next Laker possession...2 passes...turnover

Howard post-up...Howard turnover

ridiculous shot from Artest

I'm done...going to bed with it 103-73...watching IU/Ill in the morning

About the Author

School: Ohio University...Go Bobcats!

When you started with Bonneville Phoenix: 1st Doug & Wolf Show: 1/2/07

Favorite sports memory: Goldschmidt's triple icing the 2011 NL West title because it was a daddy-daughter day at the ballpark and Bellbrook vs. Dunbar '89 when I hit my one varsity HR.

Favorite all-time athlete: as a kid, an adult, Grant Hill

Favorite sports movies: Field of Dreams

Best sports road trip: My Saturday...Braves vs. Reds Sunday Night...Cooperstown Monday through Thursday morning...Jennifer sings the Anthem Thursday night at Fenway... Sox/White Sox triple play and cycle in the same game for only the second time in baseball history...Saturday night Clemens strikes out 9 through 7 but the bullpen blows it and the crowd is furious.

Best game I've ever seen live: Suns/Spurs Game 5 2007 Western Semis (the game w/o Amare & Boris). Hated the outcome but loved the experience.


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