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Movies in a Minute: Pacific Rim

As the apocalypse draws near, a former pilot and trainee are the world's last hope and must combat against enormous robotic sea creatures. The two men use a special type of weapon from the past to fight the enemy.

To me, this was like "Transformers" meets old "Godzilla" movies. I get that a lot of people liked the movie, but I struggled with it. Overall, it just seemed like a lot of CGI effects loosely put together with a storyline that was so far fetched it became improbable. It was a B' grade movie that thought it was an A'.

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I may not be a native, but I've been in Arizona long enough to forget what it's like back East. I moved to Tucson in the 5th grade where I graduated high school and attended the UofA. The radio bug hit me early and I was a DJ at the age of 17 in Tucson. Besides being on-air at times, my main career focus has been the behind-the-scenes programming of radio stations. I have an extensive background in music radio, in addition to working at and/or running some of the biggest and most influential radio stations in America. My radio career took me to Los Angeles, San Diego and then back to Phoenix. The chance to be back on-air, and to do it at 92.3 KTAR, was too good to pass up so here we are! Weekends are usually reserved for racing as I own and drive my own dirt track Sprint Car all over the country. I am unmarried (never have been), childless (that I'm aware of) and don't even have any pets at this point. I do own 1 plant but the fact it has survived this long without watering leads me to believe it may be plastic. I love what I do and enjoy hosting a talk radio show for people who don't like "talk radio".


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