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Bickley and Marotta

Updated Sep 17, 2013 - 1:08 pm

Clown creeping out Northampton, England

Taking a page right out of a Stephen King novel, one Northampton, England man has been dressing up in a red wig and creepy white clown makeup and just standing on streets.

He doesn't talk, he doesn't juggle, he doesn't approach anyone, he just…STANDS THERE.

Sometimes with balloons.

Sometimes with a teddy bear.

He first appeared on Friday the 13th (naturally) and popped up through Northampton all last weekend. A Facebook page, launched by him, also appeared on Friday and currently has over 80,000 Likes. On Twitter, #northamptonclown has been circulating.

Just who is this man playing games with others' coulrophobia (fear of clowns)?

The Northampton Herald & Post thinks they may have solved the mystery.

About four months ago, a mockumentary hit YouTube entitled "The Local Clown - A Short Mocumentary". It was directed by Alex Powell, filmed in Northampton, and featured a man named only as Richard. It also featured the exact same clown suit worn by the Northampton Clown and showed one of the exact same locations at which the Northampton Clown was first spotted.

The mockumentary's credits say a William Johnston played Richard the Clown, but according to the Star Now Talent Directory, he is actually William Unwin, a Northampton-based actor, model and musician.

Powell has repeatedly denied that he is the clown, while the Northampton Clown himself took to Facebook to say, "…I may have to change my appearance as the actor in that 'Local Clown' film has the same costume as me."

There were previous reports of the Northampton Clown knocking on doors and offering to paint windowsills, which the clown has also dispelled.

Some Northampton residents have taken to the Facebook page to vehemently ask him to stop "terrorizing" them; some have even threatened him.

But through all this, the Northampton Clown insists he's not trying to harm anyone.

"I don't terrorise people, I just want to be spotted," he wrote on Sept. 13, and as recently as Monday, he ended a lengthy post with "If what I am doing does get too much for people, I will have to stop."

He shows no sign of stopping, however, as he has promised that while he may be laying low for now, he'll "be seeing you all very soon (in the day!)…as I have a big surprise for you all, hopefully due at the end of the week!!"

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