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Updated Oct 25, 2012 - 2:54 pm

ESPN Analyst: 'I think it was on Skelton this week'

If one were to simply look at the box score from Sunday's game between the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings, they would assume John Skelton had a good game. The Cardinals quarterback only threw one interception while maintaining a good completion percentage to go along with a touchdown. Not a bad day at all.

But, if they look past the stats and watch the replay of the game, they would see poor decision making from a quarterback struggling under pressure.

"I thought it was little more on Skelton this week," ESPN NFL analyst Ron Jaworski told Arizona Sports 620's Burns and Gambo.

Jaworski specifically criticized Skelton for his interception to start the third quarter, which saw Vikings safety Harrison Smith return it for a touchdown.

"They brought the safety down, in what we call a lurk coverage, he lines up right behind the middle linebacker so you have to see him coming down," said Jaworski. "It's obvious what they're trying to do. The coverage has three defenders in the middle of the field and he tries to squeeze it into three defenders. You can't make that kind of play."

One play that stands out, aside from the interception, was Jared Allen's sack on Skelton as he attempted to roll out and extend the play late in the third quarter. With no available receiver open Skelton should have just thrown the ball out of bounds. But instead, he decided to try and run the ball out of bounds. Skelton essentially served himself on a silver platter to the Vikings Pro Bowl defensive end and lost four yards on the play.

"When the quarterback holds on to the ball to long you're going to get sacks and clearly Skelton is holding onto the ball too long," said Jaworski. "Either check it down or throw that thing in the stands. Get it out of your hands."


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