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Updated Jul 6, 2012 - 3:58 pm

Kurt Warner understands why Nash would go to Los Angeles

Kurt Warner won one Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams and took them to another, and was the key player in "The Greatest Show on Turf."

So, maybe it will be a surprise when you realize the QB played in more games for the Arizona Cardinals than he did for the team he started his career with. (62-53).

Of course, if Warner had it his way he would have stayed in St. Louis his entire career, but various injuries and the emergence of a younger option forced him out of town, and he only landed in Arizona after a quick stop in New York with the Giants. No matter how much loyalty he felt towards the Rams, who gave him a chance in the NFL and for whom he had found so much success, he had to go.

"I think the thing is that most athletes are pretty loyal, and they're loyal to a degree," Warner told Arizona Sports 620's Doug and Wolf Friday. "I think most athletes, when they start their career or they find a place where they feel really good and they feel comfortable -- not just in the community, but within an organization -- they want to stay there.

"And they want to stay there primarily for most of their career."

Unfortunately, rarely does it seem to work out that way. Warner was not the first athlete who had to leave town, forgoing "loyalties" in the name of continuing his career, and he won't be the last. Which is why, while some Suns fans may be upset with Steve Nash for wanting to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, Warner said the point guard had to do what was best for him.

"The loyalty has to go both ways," Warner said. "You need to see from an organization their commitment to you."

Warner said it can be shown in different ways, but that players need to see it. The Suns obviously weren't 100 percent committed to Nash, and he knew it. So, he looked for a team that would feel the way he likely hoped the Suns would have felt.

"Whenever they have at least the smallest inkling that that's not the case," Warner said. "Bottom line is at the end of the day we want to be somewhere where we feel we can be successful, where we feel the organization is doing everything…to be in a situation where we can succeed throughout the rest of our career, and I think when that's compromised -- as loyal as players can be -- they're willing to say ‘OK, if that's the case then I'm willing to explore other things.'"

So, as painful as the decision to leave Phoenix for Los Angeles may have been for a guy like Nash, the truth is he may not have been left with much of a choice.

The Lakers were the best fit for him on a personal and professional level and he needed to go there, loyalties be damned.

"I know Steve and we've talked," Warner added. "I really believe he would have loved to have stayed [in Phoenix], but I think there's a unique opportunity for him to go to L.A., to have an opportunity to win a championship."


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