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Updated Oct 3, 2012 - 10:13 am

Franz's 2012 NFL Power Poll - Week 5

1) HOUSTON TEXANS: Hello football coaches, you can win and run the football!...31 rushes, 28 passes at Tennessee.

2) ATLANTA FALCONS: Offense is only out-gaining opponents by 50 yards, so defense hasn't improved greatly but the +10 turnover ratio is the key...Ryan #1 rated passer.

3) ARIZONA CARDINALS: 4-0 despite second-worst offense in the NFL...Opponents have 11 more first downs and 350 more yards but have 6 more TDs.

4) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: Three straight games at home before the Monday Night game at University of Phoenix Stadium...D-line has four fewer sacks then the o-line has given up.

5) BALTIMORE RAVENS: All the talk over the years about the defense but it's ranked 23rd while it's the offense that's 2nd in the league...Is it crazy to start the hype for 10/21? (Baltimore @ Houston)

6) GREEN BAY PACKERS: 20 more first downs than their opponents but only one more TD...Rodgers takes the 20th-ranked offense on a three-game road trip.

7) NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: #1 offense and a +8 turnover ratio yet 2-2...Just like old times, Peyton Manning in New England this week.

8) PHILADELPHA EAGLES: Being 5th in total offense but only 30th in scoring shows Andy Reid is having a great year calling the plays, but the -5 turnover ratio is a killer.

9) NEW YORK GIANTS: Averaging less than four yards per carry is unacceptable...better not overlook Cleveland before the trip west for the NFC Championship Game rematch.

10) CHICAGO BEARS: Staring at 7-1 with the only loss being on the road to Green Bay in a short week...rush defense is third allowing only 63 yards/game.

11) SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: A great AFC team but a good NFL team...over 50% conversion rate on third down yet 24th-best offense makes no sense.

12) CINCINNATI BENGALS: You won't believe me so feel free to look it up, but the 17 sacks leads the NFL...imagine how good they'd be if they converted more than 27% of their third downs.

13) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: I've never seen a team gain more yards rushing than yards passing...Amen

14) DALLAS COWBOYS: Jason Garrett, wake-up! Six times in your career you've run the football less than 30% of your play calls & you're 0-6 in those games...your QB is above average, he is not elite; RUN THE BALL, wait, I'm a 'Skins fan, so throw Romo, throw!

15) MINNESOTA VIKINGS: If Peterson is completely healed then why are 97% of his yards gained between the tackles? Maybe they don't want him cutting hard to get around the corner?

16) DENVER BRONCOS: at New England and at San Diego could define their season...Peyton Manning is still a top-10 rated QB after all these years.

17) WASHINGTON REDSKINS: RG3 has been tremendous, but the defense is terrible...Matt Ryan is already the number one passer and now he goes against the 31st pass defense.

18) ST. LOUIS RAMS: Greg Zuerlein is the only kicker to hit a 50+ and 60+-yard FG in the same game, it was his 4th career game...Giving up 4.7 yards per carry and Arizona can't rush (something's got to give).

19) NEW YORK JETS: The great Rex Ryan allowing 175 yards per game on the ground...Don't worry Jets fans, it's only San Francisco last week and the Texans this week.

20) TENNESSEE TITANS: No one allows more points than the Titans...Titans G Leroy Harris says J.J. Watt is nothing special so we'll find out on 12/2 if J.J. heard him.

21) DETROIT LIONS: Every stat says this is a good team except the 28 points per game given up...won't get easier going to Philly.

22) OAKLAND RAIDERS: 29th in scoring offense but they make up for it by giving up the 28th most points per game.

23) PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Todd Haley was brought in to re-establish the run game but there are 23 running backs who have more yards rushing than the Steelers.

24) BUFFALO BILLS: Biggest let down on the season so far is Buffalo's up almost 5 yards per carry.

25) MIAMI DOLPHINS: After playing the Cardinals, Miami now has the number one rush defense...Hartline before the Cards: 13 catches for 202 yards and no touchdowns; vs. the Cards: 12 catches for 253 yards and a touchdown.

26) TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: Could be 4-0 or 0-4 as every game has been within one up 9 yards per pass.

27) CAROLINA PANTHERS: The punt worked, you pinned them on the one but it was only fourth & 1 and you're averaging 6 yards per carry and they have the highest rated passer...again I say, "RUN THE FOOTBALL."

28) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: I'm sure the Chiefs offensive coaches know more than I do but if all of Cassell's TD passes have come out of the shotgun and he's thrown more interceptions while under center, why is he under center so much?

29) JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: It's not the 15 points per game (32nd) or the offensive rank (32nd) or the 150 rush yards/game against (30th) that's as terrible as opponents having 12 sacks and you have two in four games.

30) INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Leukemia...God be with you, Chuck.

31) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: You deserve this Drew, the record you're about to break, not the record you have.

32) CLEVELAND BROWNS: Mike Holmgren is one of the greatest coaches of a GM or President, Mike Holmgren is one of the greatest coaches of all-time.


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