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Updated Oct 23, 2012 - 10:59 am

Doug Franz College Football Playoff - Week 1

The week 1 standings are out for the BCS.

In case you don't know from the things I've said on air. I hate the BCS but I don't have a problem with the BCS formula. I just don't want it used to narrow the field from 124 to 2.

Although I'm thrilled we will have a 4-team playoff soon. I've always wanted a 16 team playoff. I'm not being greedy because the new system will be so much better than the BCS. I just want to implement some of the greatness of March Madness while rewarding conference champions.

I put before you the Doug Franz College Football Playoff. It is the only playoff system that actually makes every non-conference game vital to each conference because it could determine if your champion is in the playoff. It improves on the basketball tournament because teams don't get in the playoff just by winning their conference. They have to win in one of the better conferences.

Every week the BCS rankings will change, therefore changing the teams making the playoff. Check in each week and see how things have changed. At the end of the season, it's up to you to pick the winners of each game and set in motion the championship challenge.

If you want an explanation for the way my formula works, check the bottom of the blog.

Here's the playoff pairings if the regular season ended today:

16) Maryland @ 1) Alabama
15) Utah State @ 2) Florida
14) Michigan @ 3) Oregon
13) Ohio @ 4) Kansas St
12) Rutgers @ 5) Notre Dame
11) Georgia @ 6) LSU
10) USC @ 7) South Carolina
9) Oklahoma @ 8) Oregon St


Maryland is the only undefeated team in the ACC so they represent but, since they're ranked 60th in the BCS, I'm sure they'll be leaving the playoff soon.

The SEC has four home games. One of them is the battle to decide who is really USC.

Georgia and LSU don't play in the conference regular season but they do in the post-season.

You think Oklahoma at Alabama would be a good second round game? Maybe Oregon fans would like getting an SEC team in their house for the LSU @ Oregon game in the second round.

Yes, I'm excited my Bobcats are in but they barely made it.


By ranking every team 1-124, you get a true representation of the best conference by taking the average BCS rank of every team in the conference. This playoff system makes every college football game in the country vital because it rewards teams and conferences alike.

Here's the ranking of the conferences after week 1 of the BCS and the average BCS rank of the teams in the conference.

1) Big 12: 30.3

2) SEC: 43.08

3) Pac-12: 47.17

4) Big 10: 47.42

5) Big East: 58.13

6) ACC: 58.17

7) WAC: 80.86

8) MAC: 81.08

9) Sun Belt: 81.2

10) MWC: 83.2

11) C-USA: 90.83


The money line is being one of the top eight conferences (explanation below). The pressure on every team in conferences 7-10 is intense because every game could determine if your conference champion gets in the playoff.

Thanks to the newcomers to the Pac-12 for the 47.17 ranking because without them, the Pac-10 would be the 2nd best conference. CU is ranked 118 and Utah is 73 raising the average rank from 37.5.

Despite the fact Ohio is ranked a very comfortable 27 in the BCS, they're barely in the playoff because the MAC's rank is dragged down by #120 Akron, #122 Eastern Michigan, and the worst team in football #124 UMass.

Is Kansas slightly over matched? The Big 12 is impressive at #1 but it could be so much more. The 9th best team in the conference is Baylor at #45. The conference falls off a cliff to get to its tenth team as KU is #102. If it wasn't for KU, the average Big 12 team would be in the Top 25.

Big games for next week are Pittsburgh at Buffalo and Middle Tennessee at Mississippi State. I know you're thinking those aren't big games but they are for the playoff. If Buffalo loses it hurts Ohio's chances to stay in the playoff. If Middle Tennessee pulls the upset, it could put the Sun Belt conference champion in the playoff. When your conference makes the playoff, that's TV money for you.


The magic of the DFCFP is how it highlights the regular season more than any other system. Here's the process for coming up with the teams for the playoff.

1) Rank all D-1 (FBS) teams 1-124 (from Alabama to UMass)

2) Rank all the conferences 1-11 based on the average BCS rank of the teams in the conference.

3) Reward the first place team in the top 8 conferences with an automatic bid.


1. Kansas St
2. Alabama
3. Oregon
4. Michigan
5. Rutgers
6. Maryland
7. Utah State
8. Ohio

4) Independents—this means you Notre Dame—get no special treatment. If you're not in a conference, earn a wild card bid or join a conference.

5) Select 8 wild-card teams based on BCS rank excluding those already selected with an automatic bid.


1. Florida
2. Notre Dame
3. LSU
4. South Carolina
5. Oregon State
6. Oklahoma
7. USC
8. Georgia

6) Rank the 16 teams based on BCS rank with no regard to status as an automatic qualifier or wild-card entry. The tournament would follow a bracket format. Although re-seeding would be a better way to reward the regular season, nothing is better than filling out a basketball bracket and I want that momentum and attention on college football.

7) First two rounds are at the home of the better seed.

8) Final Four and Championship game are played at a rotation among Fiesta, Cotton, Sugar, Rose. I'm aware that after the first two rounds there are three games left at neutral sites with four bowl game hosts. This is leverage in case the Rose wants to stick to tradition. If they duck out I've got three games and three bowls. If the Rose does want to stay involved, there would be a new bowl game created for the two teams that just missed out on the playoff. This week would be Mississippi State vs. West Virginia.

I give you the extra bowl game just to prove that the bowls don't have to die. Mississippi State vs. West Virginia is still a great college football game with great fans. All these years of morbid seasons for Mississippi State means their fans would pack this new major bowl. We wouldn't have 35 bowl games anymore—sorry Pinstripe Bowl—but some of the big ones with tradition don't have to go anywhere. If you're an ASU fan are you saying you wouldn't go watch the Devils against Texas Tech in the Alamo Bowl just because it wasn't in the playoff? You'd still get the benefit of extra practices to prepare for your bowl game. Players would still get to enjoy the goodies they receive for participating. As for the fans, we get a real champion.

Feel free to ask me any questions or give me your opinions and I'll put it in the mailbag:


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