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Updated Mar 18, 2012 - 12:00 pm

Peyton said 'No'; What does Fitz say?

Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald granted a text message interview with our own Paul Calvisi while on vacation in Australia. (Photo courtesy of Larry Fitzgerald)

Editor's note: Arizona Sports' Paul Calvisi, who also serves as the sideline reporter on Arizona Cardinals radio broadcasts, got an exclusive interview with All-Pro receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

We thought we'd have to wait to hear Fitzgerald's thoughts on the Manning recruitment until he got back from his Australian vacation. That's not true. Calvisi's interview was conducted via text message (gotta love technology, huh?)

Fitz shares his thoughts on the Cards' attempts at landing Peyton Manning, some details from Manning's visit to the Cardinals training facility and his vacation in Australia.

Paul Calvisi: The Cardinals heard from Peyton Manning late last week - did u?
Larry Fitzgerald: "I have never had any contact w/Peyton. The meeting in Indy was a lie and I never spoke to him besides seeing him at the facility on Sunday before I left."

PC: What can u tell us about that meeting w/Peyton last Sunday? Your takeaways?
Fitz: "He is what everybody has heard about him. Extremely intelligent and dots all his I's & crosses his T's. He is what u would want out of the leader of your O or team for that matter."

PC: In his statement, Coach W called a chance to acquire PM "something very unique." How much of a difference-maker can he still be?
Fitz: "I mean, just look at the Colts last year. If he would have played and been healthy, they still would have won 10 games and made the playoffs most likely. W/out him, they are picking #1 in a month."

PC: Did u get a sense of what matters the most to him in this process? And, do you know how seriously he considered AZ?"
Fitz: "No, I didn't speak to him on that level. We watched tape, he asked questions and that's about it. I would assume what matters most would be a question for MB, Whiz, or RG."

PC: What did u tell Peyton about this Cards team or how did u describe the offense/system to PM?
Fitz: "Didn't ask him any of those ?'s. It was all tape watching & system questions, protections and route adjustments. All football stuff, then I left b4 lunch."

PC: To what degree was his visit akin to a college recruiting trip? Also, when PM left AZ, how confident were u? Did u have a gut feeling of any sort?
Fitz: "No gut feelings. We just watched film. Had no expectations, just wait & see like everyone else. I don't know what his other visits were like, so I don't have anything to compare it to, you know?"

PC: Will it be tough for u not to think about what could've been w/Peyton? And what's a realistic expectation for the Cards offense in 2012 under Kolb or Skelton?
Fitz: "I personally don't base things off speculation. I deal in reality. I'm going to play hard like I always do regardless of who is throwing the ball to me, let it be u or anybody else."

PC: Good thing it ain't Paulie Paper Lion - LOL! Last ? = whatz been the highlight or memorable moment from your trip Down Under?
Fitz: "Playing at the Reef is amazing. The wildlife and fish and everything else is just so much fun."

PC: BTW - do U get recognized in Australia?
Fitz: "Nope."

PC: Gotcha. XL Thanks, Larry!
Fitz: "NP."


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