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Updated Dec 16, 2012 - 5:17 pm

Notes from the Nest: Cardinals vs. Lions

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Game over

Cardinals win 38-10. Yeah, Cardinals win. With 38 points. Losing streak over. Happy locker room today folks.

:12 seconds left in fourth quarter

Zastudil punts and the ball rolls out at the Detroit 24.

2:27 left in fourth quarter

Campbell gets a sack, the Lions fold, the Lions punt. Cardinals take over at their own 36.

3:32 left in fourth quarter

Beanie Wells runs 31-yards for the score, and the Cards are...dare we say...piling it on. 38-10.

3:52 left in fourth quarter

Stafford sacked on fourth down, Cardinals take over at the Lions 29.

5:07 left in fourth quarter

The Lions put together a good drive and even score a touchdown, but the play is nullified by a delay of game penalty. A third-and-seven attempt comes up short, and a fourth-and-two pass is picked off by Greg Toler, who takes the ball 102-yards for the touchdown.

Cardinals up 31-10 and this one is over, folks.

9:26 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals go...surprise...three-and-out, and punt the ball away. Detroit has it at the 13.

11:30 left in fourth quarter

Patrick Peterson left the game with cramps, but the Lions do not take advantage and go three-and-out. A hold on the return will push Arizona back to its own 24.

12:34 left in fourth quarter

Cardinals go three-and-out and punt away, though this time Zastudil's kick lands in the end zone for a touchback. Lions begin their drive at the 20.

14:45 left in fourth quarter

Peterson returns the punt 15 yards and the Cardinals have it at their own 49. First play is a Suh sack of Lindley.

15:00 left in fourth quarter

Lions are short of the first and will have to punt, giving Arizona great field position with which they'll probably do nothing. Let's see if Peterson can make something happen on this return, I think he's due.

1:05 left in third quarter

Cardinals get a couple first downs but the drive stalls, and Zastudil punts. Lions have at their own eight.

4:01 left in third quarter

Stephens-Howling gets a good return out of little room, and Arizona will start its drive from the 30.

4:11 left in third quarter

Lions put together a solid drive with help from a big play from Calvin Johnson, but ultimately settle for a 41-yard field goal from Jason Hanson.

Cards up 24-10 and are probably one good drive away from putting this one away.

9:19 third quarter

Lions start at their 20. They kind of need something positive to happen here or they are in danger of being run out of the building by the Cardinals oh wow I can't believe I just typed that.

9:19 left in third quarter

The kick is good, and the Cardinals now lead 24-7. Their eight-play, 30-yard scoring drive nearly doubles the yardage total for the day. How about that.

9:24 left in third quarter

Cardinals drive down the field but come up short on third down. Cardinals send Jay Feely out to attempt a 51-yard field goal, but David Carter is late getting onto the field and Arizona burns a timeout.

12:47 left in third quarter

Cardinals defense comes up big, especially Calais Campbell. That guy is having a monster game.

Punt is returned to the Arizona 37.

Can the Cardinals offense, which gained 41 net yards in the first half, do something?

15:00 left in third quarter

Lions will start the second half with the ball on their own 20. Big drive here if only to set the tone.


The Cardinals enter the half up 21-7 due in no part to the offense's effort. Defense and special teams have stepped up today, which is how this team won early in the season.

Lions QB Matt Stafford has been terrible.

:30 left in second quarter

Stafford is picked off by Rashad Johnson, who takes the ball back 53-yards for the score. Arizona is up 21-7 now, and it seems they have fond the recipe for success:

Incredibly short fields + defensive score.

1:19 left in second quarter

Lions pick up a first down to keep their drive alive, and they have the ball at their own 41 facing a second and six. Points here at the end of the half would be big for the visitors, especially since they get the ball to start the second half.

3:16 left in second quarter

Beanie Wells plows into the end zone on a one-yard run, and the Cardinals take the lead.

Two scoring drives totaling just 8 yards. That's one way to do it.

3:57 left in second quarter

A pair of false starts back the Lions up, then Stafford throws deep and is picked off by Peterson. He returns it to the Detroit three, where Arizona will take over.

4:10 left in second quarter

Three-and-out. Yep.

Punt pins the Lions at their own seven.

6:25 left in second quarter

Defense gets a stop and the Lions punt. Peterson fair catches the ball at the Arizona 19, where the drive will start. Last time the offense had the ball it scored a TD, but that was just a five-yard drive. They've gone aout that far on most other drives today.

9:09 left in second quarter

Lions return kick to the 26, and some pushing and shoving after the play goes unflagged.

9:18 left in second quarter


Beanie Wells takes the handoff up the middle and scores, though the ball came loose and was originally ruled Lions ball. Then touchdown. Then reviewed. Still touchdown.

It's Arizona's first TD since the Rams game a few weeks ago, and we're all tied up in Glendale.

9:29 left in the second quarter

Well played, Cardinals.

Arizona picks up a first down but then the drive stalls, and Zastudil (the player of the game, by the way), punts away. The ball is muffed and recovered by the Cardinals.

Refs rule first that the ball was touched by Arizona, and thus Detroit ball. Then, after "consultation", they decide it belongs to Arizona. First and goal from the 5.

Now the play is under review.

12:44 left in second quarter

Kickoff is returned to the Arizona 21, where the Cardinals' next three-and-out will begin from.

12:51 left in second quarter

Lions cap 73-yard drive with a one-yard touchdown run from Mikel Leshoure. Detroit takes a 7-0 lead. Anyone else get the feeling that will be enough for the Lions to win?

End of first quarter

The opening frame ends with the Lions driving and the score tied at 0.

Not really much more to add to that, sorry.

2:55 left in first quarter

Have yourself a day, Dave Zastudil! The Cards go...shocker...three-and-out, and the punt is downed at the Detroit 12.

A personal foul on Mike Adams gives the the Lions 15 yards, so they'll start at the 27.

4:33 left in first quarter

Lions go three-and-out an d punt the ball away.

Amazing how a game between a pair of 4-9 teams could be as bad as this one is thus far. Amazing.

5:38 left in first quarter

In a shocker, the Cardinals go three-and-out. Zastudil's punt is fair caught at the Detroit 20.

7:48 left in first quarter

Cardinals D steps up once again and forces a punt. Peterson returns it to the Arizona 16, where Lindley and the offense will take over.

Worth noting, Arizona Sports' Vince Marotta commented that Ryan Lindley is the worst QB he's ever seen play for the Cardinals. We all know the team's history at the position -- and it's bad -- but is Vince wrong?

8:51 left in first quarter

Lindley's first pass is picked off by DeAndre Levy. Lions take over at their own 48. Sounds about right.

8:59 left in first quarter

Lions take a shot to Calvin Johnson but it's broken up by Patrick Peterson, then a third-down pass falls to the turf and the Lions punt. Peterson gets an OK return, and the Cards start at the Detroit 43. Progress, ladies and gentlemen. Progress...

9:56 left in first quarter

A screen pass doesn't get the job done, but Zastudil gets a good punt away and the Lions will take over at their own nine. If this is anything like last week, this drive will end in a touchdown. Let's see if the D bounces back.

10:49 left in first quarter

The Cardinals moved the ball down the field with successful passes to different receivers and good runs by a trio of backs. However, they've gone backwards on a couple plays now, and face a 3rd and 35 from the Detroit 41.

15:00 left in first quarter

Kick sails into the end zone, and the Ryan Lindley-led offense will start at the Arizona 20.

1:00 until kickoff

The Lions win the toss and elect to kick. For some reason they want the Cardinals' offense on the field first.

8:00 until kickoff

The Cardinals are being introduced to the "sellout" crowd here at University of Phoenix Stadium. I'm eating a delicious cupcake.


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