Don't laugh: Snow in Phoenix is really a big deal

A week that will go down in history: an asteroid zooms by the earth, a meteor disintegrates over Russia, it snows on my car.

Hey! Forget about the meteor stuff. I'm talking about breaking news.

It snowed on a parking lot I was in at 2:40 p.m. in Phoenix on Feb. 20. A friend said look outside and it was snowing. There might have been a little sleet, but that's just hard snow.

I was just a couple blocks from Northern, but it wasn't that Northern. Why didn't the weather gods consider how close I was to Sunnyslope?

Look, if right now you're in Flagstaff, quit laughing. In Phoenix this is a big deal. People actually went to the front door of the building and took pictures of all our cars with their white roofs. Everybody was excited.

Well, everybody but this one woman standing in the back frowning with her arms folded. I said "I'll bet you never thought you'd see something like this in Phoenix." She responded curtly, "I'm from Michigan and I'm not impressed." Well, that's her opinion.

As for me, I have to go buy a shovel before it's too late.

I'm Pat McMahon.

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    Paula C. wrote...
    Snow in Phoenix
    I lived in Phoenix area for 37 years from 1969 on and never saw anything like that stick to the ground, crazy. Congratulations Phoenix you have seen Hell freeze over!!! I miss Phoenix.
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    Michoacan wrote...
    I forget just when it was in the Nineties,
    but enough snow fell on the top of South Mountains for me to fill up several 5 gallon buckets and take them to my kids classes. The snow capped saguaros looming out of the fog along the National Trail is a delightful memory that I will take to the grave.
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    Oxygen wrote...
    Dash of Fleeting Magical SNOW
    Greetings from Roosevelt Island, NY: Pat McMahon, it was delightful to read your article about the presence of "Snow" in beautiful Arizona! Blazing Saddle, must have been a big deal from what I gather ...?!! You should have seen/heard what SANDY (a gentle name for a MONSTROUS STORM) did in these parts of the Northeast. Dare I say, I truly loved the sound of the singing wild wind which caused me no harm. I've often wanted to visit AZ but alas the HEAT factor would be the end of me! How do folks manage to survive there?!! Thank you.
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