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Mac & Gaydos: Will 'mamming' craze help cure breast cancer?

The hottest internet craze right now is "mamming," and sorry, fellas, but it's for ladies only.

Think of it as like "planking," except only using breasts.

That's literally all "mamming" is: Women taking PG-friendly photos of themselves with their mammaries resting on things. Or animals. Or food.

According to the Daily Mail, the idea is the brainchild - breastchild? - of New Yorkers Michelle Lamont and Michelle Jaret, who started "mamming" to raise awareness for breast health. They were hoping to "[tap] into an existing trend" and get their message out in a unique way during the very busy and cluttered Breast Cancer Month Awareness.

Lamont, 25, is a breast cancer survivor herself.

When I was sick, I asked my doctors about a cure - one actually told me that the best cure we have is prevention. Prevention is screening like mammograms and self-exams and they are the best tool we have to catch cancer early, and catching it early is how we beat it.

Is "mamming" ingenious or just plain silly? Or are yousStill not sure? The video below may help.

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Mac Watson & Larry Gaydos represent "the younger generation of talk…because we grew up in a different era." To someone who has never listened, Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos describe their show as,  "relatable stories that emotionally connect with our audience…. basically, stuff that affects our daily lives here in Arizona."


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