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  • Vinsanity: I’ll admit…I’m worried about Cardinals’ QBs

    After watching the Arizona Cardinals’ second preseason game — a 27-17 loss to Kansas City last Friday — one phrase stuck in my head. Uh-oh! The NFL is a quarterback’s league and the Cardinals’ much-talked-about quarterback competition has been an exercise in futility through two exhibition contests. Kevin Kolb, who held an edge (if only […]
  • One less member on Team Kolb

    My name is Vince Marotta, and I’m a recovering Team Kolb member. Since the summer of 2011, when I was on the air doing a daily morning show at a Valley radio station, I’ve been on board with Kevin Kolb taking over the Arizona Cardinals’ offense. Of course, the lockout basically turned our show into […]
  • Vinsanity: Bauer will be fine, Marshall not so quick…

    Last week, I wrote about not being all that concerned with Trevor Bauer’s rocky four-start debut in Major League Baseball. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ prized right-hander was touched up for a 1-2 record and a 6.43 ERA during his first taste of the bigs. Interestingly enough, one commenter asked if I could write an article pinpointing […]
  • Trading Upton now makes no sense

    I’ll admit it. I get really frustrated sometimes when I watch Justin Upton play baseball. Whether it’s seeing him struggle with a ball in the corner or when he strikes out with runners in scoring position in key situations, there are varying levels of frustration reached. Judging from the booing Upton has received in recent […]
  • Steve Nash to Lakers…why do I care so much?

    “Loyalty to any one sports team is pretty hard to justify because the players are always changing, the team could move to another city. You’re actually rooting for the clothes when you get right down to it. You are standing and cheering and yelling for your clothes to beat the clothes from another city. Fans […]
  • Why is determining a college football champ so hard?

    I once thought that any scenario devised to determine a national champion in the great sport of college football that included the word ‘playoff’ would be a huge improvement over the sham of a system that is the BCS. Man, was I naive. This week, a presidential oversight committee approved a four-team playoff to determine […]
  • Phoenix became a real sports town 20 years ago today

    June 18, 1992. I was just 27 days away from my 21st birthday. But instead of looking forward to going out and getting schnockered like most soon-to-be 21-year-olds, I had a sadness in my heart. The Phoenix Suns, tired of being a perennial 50-win team who bows out of the NBA Playoffs in the first […]
  • Ryan Roberts: The love affair is over

    Relationships are tough. They’re especially tough when they’re coming to an end. So what’s the best way to tell Ryan Roberts of the Arizona Diamondbacks that we, the fan base, need to start seeing other third baseman? We’ve tried to hang on. We occasionally get reminders of the glory days of the relationship — like […]
  • Dear San Diego Padres, Thanks for the boost!

    Was anyone else irked Friday night watching the Arizona Diamondbacks implode in the 8th inning during an ugly 7-1 loss to the lowly San Diego Padres? No, I wasn’t irked that the Diamondbacks bullpen fell apart during that ill-fated half inning. Those things are bound to happen now and then. And I wasn’t irked that […]
  • History says it’s hard to get excited about pick #13

    The ping pong balls have settled, the logo cards have been pulled out of the envelopes, and the order for the 2012 NBA Draft has been determined. The New Orleans Hornets own the first selection in the draft, which will be held June 28. And unless they get hit in the head by a blunt […]
  • Did L.A. end two of our seasons Tuesday night?

    Oh, Los Angeles. We in Phoenix have long been saddled with the label of being L.A.’s little brother, much to our dismay. And sure, you’ve given us wedgies, wet willies and played countless practical jokes on us over the years and we’ve had no choice but to take it. But now, we’re getting older. More […]
  • D-backs need to capitalize on golden opportunity

    It’s only mid-May, but the clock is ticking on the Arizona Diamondbacks. Currently 8.5 games behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the NL West, the D-backs’ lackluster 16-22 start has applied pressure early in the season to “get their act together”. Overcoming a double-digit deficit in the standings is never easy, so Kirk Gibson’s club […]
  • The Suns will miss the party again if changes aren’t made

    It’s always a bit of a kick to the gut when your NBA team doesn’t qualify for the postseason. After all, the NBA Playoffs aren’t exactly the most exclusive party — more than half the league gets an invite. Pressing your nose against the glass to snoop on what’s happening inside that party for two […]
  • It’s starting to feel like a ‘hockey town’ around here

    During my Sunday errand running, I found myself at a local grocery store with my 16-year-old son, picking up a few items for a visit to my sister’s house. We were headed over to watch Game 2 of the Western Conference Semifinals between the Phoenix Coyotes and the Nashville Predators. Watching big sporting events in […]
  • Another victory for Todd Graham before his first game

    Near the end of the press conference introducing Todd Graham as the new Arizona State head football coach last December, a question was asked about how Graham felt about rustic facilities and lack of television. The query had to do, of course, with Camp Tontozona and whether the new ASU head man would be willing […]

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