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Burns & Gambo

  • Burns: A one-time mistake

    Upton isn't the first to make this mistake and he won't be the last.
  • Burns: The Cardinals found a way

    The Arizona Cardinals found a way to do it. They kept seven wide receivers after slashing the roster to 53 Friday. Lance Long made it as did Sean Morey and Early Doucet. And what blows me away is that they didn’t have to do anything too radical to get it done (remember, earlier I advocated […]
  • Burns: This won’t happen but it makes sense

    File this under the heading of Will-Never-Happen-But-I-Like-It-Anyways. Cut Brian St. Pierre. The final decisions in the fight for 53 will be made any moment now. Tough decisions loom. Guys who are good football players are going to get called into Coach Ken Whisenhunt’s office, playbook in one hand, cellphone (with his agent on speed dial) […]
  • Cardinals Over/Under

    Vacationing Producer Rod Lakin came up with a list of over/unders for Burnsy to mull over: Larry Fitzgerald Fitzgerald receiving yards: 1500 (1,431 in 2008) – Under Fitz receiving TDs: 15 (12 in 2008) – Under Fitz receptions: 100 (96 in 2008) – Under Anquan Boldin Boldin receiving yards: 1200 (1,038 in 2008)- Over Boldin […]
  • Gambo: Leinart is clearly the backup QB

    The backup quarterback competition for the Arizona Cardinals is officially over. It got some nice publicity nationally and a lot of fanfare locally. But after the first two preseason games we at Sports 620 KTAR can predict that Matt Leinart has enough electoral votes and has defeated Brian St. Pierre to become the second-string signal […]
  • No panic, but Beanie needs to get on the field

    “Flush the bombers, get the subs in launch mode. We are at DEFCON 1.” War Games. Classic 80’s movie. DEFCON 1: Turn the keys, launch the missiles….it’s the end of the world. For years now I’ve just flat out stolen the DEFCON ratings system from the movie to measure my state of panic about a […]
  • Legit or Lame: Cardinals edition

    There are a lot of questions facing the Cardinals as they look to get back to the Super Bowl, but which ones actually matter? * Kurt Warner will play all 16 games this year. LAME. * The most important player this entire preseason is Matt Leinart. LEGIT * Matt Leinart will be handed the job […]
  • Burns: Everything has changed

    Just got up to Flagstaff for my first look at NFC Champ Camp 2009. First thing that popped into my head was a line from the Pearl Jam song "Corduroy".
  • Burns: Leinart will be the backup QB

    When your boss tells you that you’ll have a great chance to earn extra incentives, is he a liar when you don’t? Of course not. It’s not a lie; it’s how you define the word “chance”. 90% chance, 5% chance, it could mean anything. When your kid wants the little punk kid down the street […]
  • Burns: A happy family in Flagstaff

    When you’re a parent you have these moments, fleeting at best, when your children actually (gasp) get along. They’re not bossing, nagging, fighting, annoying, needling, poking, prodding or trying to one-up the other. This state of bliss generally occurs on average about 5% of the time. But when it does you look at your kids, […]
  • Gambo: Where is the passion D-backs fans?

    It’s the fourth inning of the ball game and the Phillie fans in attendance at Chase field are having their voices be heard. Loud chants of “Let’s go Phillies” have erupted from different parts of the ballpark. And before you know it Ryan Howard hits a two-run homer to put the defending World Series champs […]
  • Burns: Why the Nash extension?

    I drove by a billboard the other day promoting a concert with Earth Wind and Fire and Chicago. And I thought…why? I see Steve Nash and the Suns have agreed on a contract extension, and again I think…why? I just don’t understand why Steve Nash wants to be here and I don’t understand why the […]
  • Gambo: The Suns last roster spot

    On paper it looks like the Phoenix Suns have their roster set for the upcoming season. But there is still one more move coming once the team waives Sasha Pavlovic, which will be before the season starts. What the Suns do with that roster spot will depend on a few things. If second-year point guard […]
  • Burns: The Suns are like a junior high dance

    In my library of analogies (and if you know me or the show you know I love a good analogy) I’ve got a few classics. To me a good analogy is like a cup of coffee. Day just isn’t complete without at least one. Time to dust off one of those classics to put the […]
  • Gambo: Trip of a lifetime

    Well I am back in the states, have spent the past few days watching the D-backs, Wimbledon and working the phones. I can’t wait to get back on the air Monday. The 9 days in Italy went fast, very fast. It was a dream vacation, one I had been planning for quite some time. Times […]
  • Burns: A fan favorite is born

    And just like that a fan favorite is born. Mark Reynolds, you are now the face of the Arizona Diamondbacks. This weekend was your coming out party. Your stock is soaring right now. Rip the team, back it up, and then follow it up with a potential All-Star appearance. Oh yeah…your jersey is gonna sell […]
  • Gambo: Venice

    It’s 10:12 am here (1:12 in the morning phoenix time) and I just said goodbye to my cousin Francesco and his wife Emma. The most amazing part of this vacation for my family is meeting our family from Italy. In Rome I spent a wonderful day with Alessia and her husband Mimo. And last night […]
  • Gambo: From Florence to Venezia

    OK, I missed an update Sunday. My computer died and I didn’t have an adapter for my plug in Florence. Electricity is different here in Italy so none of your American stuff (hairdryers, computers, phone plugs etc..) work without European adapters. First on Sunday, my final day in Florence. We did a full day private […]
  • Gambo: Some quick thoughts on the Suns

    Here are some quick thoughts on the Suns — I am all for the Suns starting over and rebuilding. The Shaq trade saves them money and that was the main intention. They were going to be so far over the cap this season and the Shaq trade saves them a ton (10 million or more) […]
  • Gambo: Update from Italy

    Getting ready to turn in for the night after my third day in Rome, off to Florence by train tomorrow. We had a beautiful tour of ancient Rome today and seeing the Colosseum is amazing. I learned that in the morning the shows at the Colosseum were Gladiator vs. Animal in the afternoon it was […]

Burns & Gambo