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Burns & Gambo

  • Burns: Defending Eric Byrnes (well…kinda)

    The D-backs had just lost to the San Francisco Giants 2-0, completing a weekend series in which Arizona scored 2 runs, compiled 11 hits and amassed 31 strikeouts against the Giants. And after this nightmare series is over, what does the announcer implore me to do? Stay tuned. ‘The Eric Byrnes Show’ is next. Really? […]
  • Gambo: Byrnes needs to step up

    I just got done watching another Diamondbacks loss Friday night — they seem to be mounting and the season is only two weeks old — and I have to wonder how long the organization can continue to roll Eric Byrnes out there. In the top of the 9th down 2-0 with nobody out and Chris […]
  • Gambo: It is time to start over

    Over the past few months I have received tons of emails regarding the Phoenix Suns. Some people want the team to stay together, others want the team to be blown up. For me the answer is obvious. It’s time to start over, rebuild. In fact it was time to start over last year. There is […]
  • Burns: The Cards are doing the right thing

    Like the guy who smokes two packs of cigs a day who finally admits he needs to quit, the Arizona Cardinals have finally admitted that, yes, they’ll listen to teams who are interested in Anquan Boldin. The Cardinals have steadfastly and stubbornly refused to say they’ll move their receiver, instead of insisting that they want […]