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Burns & Gambo

  • Gambo: Day 2 update

    It is 1 am in the morning in Rome and I just got done with an amazing day capped off by spending the last 6 hours with my cousin Alessia and her husband. I have some mixed emotions today because I live for the NBA draft and breaking all the stories, and not being back […]
  • Burns: Suns fans: Reality bites

    Good morning Suns fans, this is your wake up call. Two words popped into my head when told that Shaquille O’Neal was traded to Cleveland. Reality Bites. The reality is that there was no way, absolutely zero chance, Shaq was going to be on this team next year. The reality is that he never should […]
  • Gambo: Day 1 in Rome

    Well my streak of not being able to sleep on an airplane continued as I went the entire trip to Rome without a single minute of sleep. Something about sitting up makes it impossible for me to sleep. Watched a couple of movies and relaxed for the most part. The trip wasn’t bad at all […]
  • Gambo: The ‘redhead’ is the talk of the CWS

    It was last fall when ASU baseball coach Pat Murphy and his staff were discussing recruiting junior college players. Jokingly Murphy told his staff to find him a short, left-handed hitter who was also a redhead and he would think about it. Murphy rationalized that a red head had to be tough and said that […]
  • Gambo: Dispelling Suns rumors

    Let me dispel these rumors before they start to takeoff as I have received several emails based on some blogs saying Amare Stoudemire is going to Minnesota for Al Jefferson and the #6 pick. First, the trade would be a steal for the Suns. Second, Minnesota’s new top man David Kahn might be fired if […]
  • Gambo: Talking Suns hoops

    Although Shaquille O’Neal didn’t exactly rain on Kobe Bryant’s championship parade Sunday night, he certainly got to share some of the NBA spotlight as talk of his imminent trade from Phoenix to Cleveland dominated Web sites, television and radio broadcasts. Let’s clear one thing up right off the bat. The Suns and Cavs haven’t talked […]
  • Burns: Greatness in that grumpiness

    When I was in my 20s my father gave me a book called “What Would Machiavelli Do?” In his estimation I was too nice and would never get anywhere worth getting to in this world with such a pleasant demeanor. The book encouraged me – I guess – to get what I want by being […]
  • Burns: Too many problems for D-backs

    The walls need painting. The tree in the backyard needs to be moved. You’ve been meaning to redo the kids bathroom. The microwave doesn’t match the rest of the appliances in the kitchen. When I think about what’s wrong with the Diamondbacks, I think about what’s wrong with my own house. I don’t know where […]
  • Gambo: Amare will be dealt

    I spent a lot of time on the show Tuesday talking about trade scenarios for Amare Stoudemire. One of them was a deal with the Boston Celtics in which the Suns might be able to land the talented point guard Rajon Rondo — a player they once drafted. It’s no secret that the Celtics like […]
  • Dear Amare: Go away

    They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets left on the street to get picked up by the trash man. That’s what I think when I hear Amare Stoudemire talk. And talk. And talk some more. Just. Go. Away. The chatty Suns forward apparently made the rounds on Friday, promoting […]
  • Gambo: Time for CY to go to Reno

    There is a saying with injured animals that you need to put it out of its misery. That same philosophy needs to be taken by the Arizona Diamondbacks in their approach with centerfielder Chris Young. After Wednesday’s 0-for-4, 4 strikeout performance that included striking out while attempting to bunt, it is obvious Young needs someone […]
  • Burns: Voicing your opinion is OK

    When people ask me what I do, sometimes I’ll say, “I’m a professional talker and opinion-maker.” Technically I’m an anchor and talk-show-host but they get the drift. So if part of my job is to have an opinion and passionately share that opinion with you, why on earth would I have a problem with somebody […]
  • Gambo: 5 untouchables, the rest are fair game

    The firing of Bob Melvin was just the first of what should be many changes coming in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization. While the coaching staff had a complete makeover with a new manager, pitching coach and hitting coach, the reality is that the team on the field this year is just not good enough to […]
  • Burns: ‘Backs to the Future

    I didn’t expect to learn a whole lot about AJ Hinch the manager after his first weekend of actual managing. And I didn’t. The D-backs dropped two of three to the Nationals and, as I write this, they have 19 losses, tied for the second most in baseball. First things first…I like Hinch. I’ve known […]
  • Burns: Not enough demand for the supply

    Did you ever watch the show “Arrested Development?” No? Funny, but nobody else did either. Oh it was a good show, funny, clever. But it was a ratings disaster and after a while all the write-and-email-the-network efforts didn’t save a thing. The show got cancelled. That’s the Phoenix Coyotes. In a supply-and-demand world, there just […]

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