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Big League Dad

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    Compliments may seem easy to give but there are major ways to mess them up. Luckily, there are 7 surefire standard compliments that are safe, flattering and responsible.
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    Children begin dreaming relatively early in life, and their dreams are boundless and can be colossal. To keep them excited about their ideas and goals, here are some ways to motivate your children.
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  • Big League Dad: Shane Doan remembers his mom, praises his wife

    Arizona Coyotes captain Shane Doan is appreciative of what his mother did for him and of what his wife does for their four kids.
  • Big League Dad: Earl Watson shares thoughts on his mother

    Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson shares thoughts on his mother as part of Arizona Sports' Big League Dad series.
  • Want healthy kids? Send them outside

    Sometimes, a dose of healthy outdoor activities may be just what the doctor ordered.
  • 20 things to ask your kids instead of “How was school today?”

    Are you tired of hearing "Fine"? Try asking your kids these questions.
  • 7 things parents can do to keep a thumb on their kids without squashing them

    Parents need to stay vigilant in helping their kids be safe and make good choices in a world that is filled with dangers. Here are some helpful suggestions for doing it without smothering them.