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  • Randomness was D-backs’ friend, not foe in NL Wild Card Game win

    Dave Burns was concerned about the randomness of the D-backs' playoff chances, but it was their friend in the NL Wild Card Game.
  • Burns: Thanks for tanking, Suns, now please don’t do it again

    The Phoenix Suns made the right move by tanking last season and wound up with Josh Jackson in the draft, but this should be the last time.
  • Between ‘All or Nothing’: The Cardinals give us ‘Something’

    The Arizona Cardinals' win against the Washington Redskins was a reminder that there is a place between "All or Nothing." Sunday’s win was "Something."
  • Burns: Is the Cardinals’ season dead?

    It’s probably the question every Cardinals fan is asking themselves today: Is that it? Are we done?
  • Feel better, Cardinals fans?

    There. Feel better? It's okay if you don't 100 percent better. After all, the Cardinals' win was against Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  • What is it about expectations in this town?

    What is it about expectations in this town, anyway? The minute you attach the slightest anticipation of success to a team around here, it's like handing a brick to the guy in the lake.
  • Road loss to Bills ranks high among most disappointing losses in Arians era

    Last year’s regular season loss to the Steelers. The NFC Championship loss to the Panthers. Move over boys, you have company.
  • Nothing like a 40-burger to make Cardinals better

    For the Cardinals, there is nothing like a 40-burger to make it all better.
  • Today, give thanks to the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks

    If not for the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix might be next on the list of cities waiting an eternity for a sports championship.
  • Diving deep into the ‘All or Nothing: A Season With the Arizona Cardinals’ trailer

    Movie aficionado Dave Burns takes a closer look at the 'All or Nothing: A Season With the Arizona Cardinals' trailer.