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Updated Nov 1, 2011 - 3:41 pm

Should it be Kolb or Skelton Sunday against the Rams?

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb reacts after an incomplete pass during the second half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore, on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011. The Ravens defeated the Cardinals 30-27. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Kevin Kolb suffered a turf toe injury Sunday in Baltimore, putting his Week 8 start at home against the Rams in jeopardy.

The QB, who has passed for 1,706 yards, eight touchdowns and eight interceptions this season, would be replaced by second-year pro John Skelton, who started four games for the team last year, winning two.

Given Kolb's struggles -- and his injury -- would it make sense for the team to give Skelton the start?

"If he's injured and that turf toe is hampering him then I say yes," Arizona Sports 620's John Gambadoro said. "If he's healthy, if he goes out there and he's healthy and he's ready to play, then he plays."

Gambadoro said not playing a dinged up-but-able-to-go Kolb sends a message the team may not be ready for.

"If he's healthy and you're going to say 'hey, sit down for a game' you just benched your starting quarterback," he said.

And even with the team's 1-6 record, it may be a little too soon for that move.

"You paid $21 million for the guy," Gambadoro said. "This game against the Rams, they're terrible, they're a bad, bad defense -- an awful defense."

That said, this would be a great opportunity for the coaching staff, if they wanted to see what Skelton could do, to do so without actually benching their starter.

"If you want to see Skelton, if you want give Kevin Kolb some time to step away, to look at it from the perspective of the sideline, to take a rest from getting such a beating out there," Arizona Sports 620's Dave Burns said, "you could use this injury as an excuse, a reason " You can find wiggle room in that gray area, to make it happen, to take a look at John Skelton," Arizona Sports 620's Dave Burns said.

And, if Skelton plays well and leads the team to a win over the hapless Rams?

"Then he's your quarterback," Gambadoro said.

That, of course, would render Kolb a very expensive backup, an idea that may be tough for the Cardinals to swallow.

"The great organizations, when they make a mistake, they move on," Gambadoro said. "I'm not saying you're at that point yet, but if you get to that point where you determine that Kevin Kolb is not the answer here you have to move on and you have to move on quickly."

Indeed, keeping Kolb around just hoping he magically improves would be foolish, and could hamper the organization's chances for turning the corner. Think Jake Plummer.

But it may never get to that point. Kolb could play Sunday, light up the Rams and restore faith in his ability, a chance Burns thinks the QB has earned.

"If there's any part of you that thinks that Kevin Kolb is somehow, in some even small way a victim of things during these first seven weeks then you have to give him the opportunity to see how he plays against a St. Louis Rams team that isn't very good," he said.

Kolb's toe willing, he may get that chance.


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