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  • Panthers running back gives up first-class seat to veteran

    Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams’ career has been a good one, and it has provided him with enough means to get the good seats when he travels by air. But the way he sees it, he may not be the most deserving of people to enjoy the luxury. I always give up my seat […]
  • Indianapolis Colts players lead make over for home of Army veteran

    A new video features Indianapolis Colts players Pat McAfee and Coby Fleener leading a team that makes over an Army veteran’s house. The video was posted to the ThankAHero account on YouTube, and the description says the two Colts players participated in the makeover in hopes of inspiring others to honor a veteran on the […]
  • Jabari Parker, Joel Embiid bond during hospital visit over Gatorade and Oreos

    While it’s every basketball player’s dream to be the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft, two of this year’s most highly-touted prospects engaged in a rather heartfelt moment days before Thursday’s annual selection. Forced to undergo foot surgery — two screws put in to mend an untimely fracture — on June 20, Kansas center […]
  • Former MSU forward Adreian Payne honors friend Lacey Holsworth with draft night jacket

    Former Michigan State forward Adreian Payne’s touching friendship with eight-year-old Lacey Holsworth was well-documented throughout the 2013-14 college basketball season. Often appearing like brother and sister more so than top-flight athlete and adoring fan, the duo’s connection captivated fans near and far — especially during the 2014 NCAA tournament. While Holsworth ultimately succumbed to neuroblastoma […]
  • NBA selects Baylor center Isaiah Austin in draft

    NEW YORK (AP) — Between the 15th and 16th picks in Thursday night’s draft came a very special selection by the NBA. Commissioner Adam Silver announced at that point that the NBA would let Isaiah Austin fulfill the dream of every young player, making him a ceremonial pick. Just over a week ago, the sophomore […]
  • Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez gets in on Chillin4Charity

    Arizona women’s basketball coach Niya Butts did it first. Now football coach Rich Rodriguez is getting in on the fun. The concept is simple: someone gets called out to make a donation to charity. If you accept and complete the challenge, your challenger donates $50 to the Kay Yow Fund, which was created in honor […]
  • Arizona women’s basketball coach spearheads huge social media campaign for charity

    Niya Butts, the women’s basketball coach at Arizona, saw things get way out of hand. In cooperation with the Wildcats, the coach saw a charity-pointed hashtag go viral over the last few weeks, with almost all of the women’s basketball taking notice and jumping in. Jumping in to what? The Cold Water Challenge. That’s the […]
  • Spain’s Gerard Pique treats undeserving fan with warmup jacket off back

    Oftentimes, people who run onto fields of play are spited by players. They are tackled, chased, booed and glared at. That wasn’t the case at the Team Spain practice facility in Brazil this week. Venicius dos Santos, 15, darted onto the field during a World Cup training session, evading security guards and team personnel. Some […]
  • Ohio State football players send inspiring messages to sick child

    The Ohio State Buckeyes found a way to make life better for a 4-year-old who is battling leukemia. Joshua Chambers is a big fan of the team, and his story found its way to junior linebacker Joshua Perry. So, Perry and his teammates decided to record messages of support for Chambers. According to, Perry […]
  • Robert Griffin III helps high school student ask classmate with cerebral palsy to prom

    Robert Griffin III has emerged as a fan favorite through his two-plus seasons in the NFL, and for good reason. The uber athletic quarterback out of Baylor has flashed a likeable personality and overcome some significant adversity in his young career, and he seems to connect with NFL fans in a way that not many […]

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