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Dan Bickley

  • LeBron James’ antics shuffling rosters have wounded, changed NBA

    LeBron James has set a new precedent for player movement in the NBA, one that is hurting the league through the way he continues to shuffle rosters.
  • Kingsbury and Cards can capitalize on Rams Super Bowl hangover

    Just like the Patriots own the AFC East. Just like Alabama owns the SEC. Arizona teams must rise above their rivals in Los Angeles.
  • 16th hole at Phoenix Open represents the best of Arizona

    There are over 800 holes on the PGA Tour. Some are more scenic. Some are more iconic. None compare to the 16th hole at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.
  • Patrick Peterson’s apology confirms he cares as much as we do

    Patrick Peterson's apology for making a trade request is meaningful because he didn't have to and wasn't forced into remorse.
  • With Devin Booker’s clock ticking, Suns need to swing for fences

    If they aren't already, the Phoenix Suns have to start worrying about Devin Booker being the next big NBA star to ask for a trade.
  • Larry Fitzgerald’s return brings Cardinals undeniable value

    The return of Larry Fitzgerald to the Arizona Cardinals is a lot more than just a beloved Valley athlete coming back for another season.
  • The road to the Super Bowl is perfectly imperfect

    We all know the truth. The NFL is a drooling giant. It will grind your bones to make its bread. And that's what makes it so perfectly imperfect.
  • Suns impossible to get a read on without a real point guard

    The Phoenix Suns have several questions surrounding their team, but those questions always come back to the Suns not having a real point guard.
  • After Cardinals fall far in 3 years, these dates will be key this offseason

    The Arizona Cardinals went from playing for a chance at the Super Bowl to finishing with the NFL's worst record in three years.
  • Kliff Kingsbury showed poise during introduction as Cardinals HC

    Kliff Kingsbury is as cool as he looks. His voice is deeper than you expect. He showed a great deal of poise in his first press conference as head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.