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Burns & Gambo

  • Through two games, the Arizona Cardinals are proving why preseason predictions are moot

    It doesn’t seem that long ago that the hopes of the Arizona Cardinals and the Red Sea were about to be washed away with the tide.
  • The Arizona Cardinals deserve a participation trophy

    Give credit to Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim for one thing -- he's always trying to improve the roster.
  • Are we asking the right question about Daryl Washington?

    I think of that line every time an announcement comes down from the NFL league office. Is today Daryl Washington Day?
  • Eric Bledsoe is the key to the Phoenix Suns’ future

    These are confusing times for Phoenix Suns fans.
  • No fan base has ever had it so bad as the Arizona Coyotes’

    I grew up in a time when being a Cardinals fan was difficult. At times impossible. At times embarrassing.
  • Kerr, Gentry and Griffin leave Planet Orange green with envy

    Steve Kerr, Alvin Gentry and David Griffin -- perhaps you've caught yourself thinking that if they still had one or more of those guys the Suns wouldn't be in the spot they are.
  • Doubling down on Ryan McDonough

    I am going to actively avoid using the word "trust" when talking about Ryan McDonough and how he is going to fix the Phoenix Suns.
  • A Corolla at running back might work for the Arizona Cardinals

    The Arizona Cardinals might be better off looking for a running back in the draft than to land the big name.
  • On Darnell Dockett: This too shall pass

    And two years from now he might very well be sounding that alarm high above the University of Phoenix crowd before a Cardinals home game.
  • ‘Same Old Cardinals’ becoming a distant memory

    I was born in the early '70s but that doesn't mean I remember much about them.