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  • Research & Doug Week 5: Interesting football facts from Doug Franz and elsewhere

    Doug Franz presents some interesting football nuggets from Week 5 in Research & Doug.
  • There’s a rough road ahead for the Arizona Cardinals

    Between the time you’re reading this and the moment you sit down to watch Arizona take on ASU in Tempe, the Arizona Cardinals will in play in Glendale once.
  • Research & Doug: Interesting NFL facts from Doug Franz and elsewhere

    Doug Franz shares interesting tidbits about the NFL in this week's Research & Doug
  • Motivation Monday: What motivates Doug Franz

    Here's what motivates Doug Franz on this Monday.
  • In Carson Palmer I trust

    Every $19.95 invention grabbed my attention. If I buy now, I can get my offer doubled. However, this offer is not available in stores! From age 5 to 14, almost every time an ad came on TV with an incredible idea, my dad would say, “If the offer is too good to believe, don’t.” Dad, […]
  • Confidence, questions and concerns from Week 1 of Cardinals camp

    Doug Franz gives us what he's confident about and what concerns him about the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Maybe this will turn around delusional New England fans about Deflategate?

    Maybe if Patriot fans hear the entire Deflategate episode transposed into an entirely different topic, they will better understand just how lost they are.
  • Gold but not Goldy: The 2015 MLB Home Run Derby

    The only thing better would be to see Goldy out there.
  • Goldy, the Dodgers and a cheetah

    My first day back from my summer break, I always write a vacation blog. I do it to help you in case you plan a similar trip. I, also, like to get your feedback because I may have just had a bad experience that is not normal.
  • Devin Booker was a great pick by the Phoenix Suns, but …

    Ryan McDonough made a good draft pick Thursday night, but there are still concerns to be dealt with moving forward.