Stop saying Marc Bulger can be Kurt Warner

Life is filled with lookalikes and imposters. RC Cola tries to be Coca Cola. Spam thinks it's real meat. Vin Diesel would like you to believe he's an actor. Lady Gaga pretends to be Madonna -- as if she was fooling anyone who was alive in the ‘80s -- and I try to impersonate a humorous sports writer. Sometimes it's difficult to tell the fake thing from the genuine article, sometimes it's not.

Even Mrs. Espo has fallen prey to this. Just this past weekend she went to get into her car only to find out the vehicle she was pulling the handle and trying to unlock belonged to the nice people standing directly behind her. Her car was sitting a few feet away painted in a slightly different shade of tan.

It was an awkward moment for her as these strangers stood there staring (and I damn near fell over laughing at it because I was trying to tell her it was the wrong car). Just like anytime someone or something tries to fool you, she felt duped and embarrassed.

If the Arizona Cardinals aren't careful they may fall into this same trap in their search for a new starting quarterback.

If we are to believe the Internet and the experts that get quoted on it -- < Sarcasm >and why wouldn't we, they're paid to be right< /Sarcasm >-- Marc Bulger has a legitimate chance of becoming the Cards' next signal caller.

On the surface Bulger looks very similar to the Kurt Warner who found his way to the desert in 2005. Both had success with the St. Louis Rams as accurate passers who completed a high percentage of their passes and who piled up touchdowns. Each were non-factors for the teams they joined immediately following their time in the Midwest. They were viewed by many as washed up when they became free agents and likely backups for the rest of their careers.

While Bulger may resemble the ‘bearded one' don't be fooled, he's never sported facial hair in his NFL career. More importantly though, he wasn't the winner that Warner was prior to coming to Arizona.

Bulger finished his time in St. Louis with an Arizona Diamondback-esque winning percentage (.432) in the regular season. Warner won 70-percent of his regular season games for the Rams. In eight seasons as the starter Bulger won two division titles. Warner won one more than that in just five seasons. Oh, and in the playoffs Bulger's record was no match for what Warner got done. He finished 1-2 while his predecessor was an impressive 5-2 (with two Super Bowl appearances, one title and a Super Bowl MVP).

Some people believe Bulger is a real option for the Cardinals because he's a reliable veteran. Everyone else wants to hold out hope that if Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton, Carson Palmer and every other legitimate option under the age of 30 falls through that somehow Bulger can be the second coming of Warner. Even if the franchise is lucky enough to have lightning strike twice -- or the Suns trainer Aaron Nelson shares the fountain of youth with the Cardinals -- remember that in his prime he wasn't as good as Warner so he most certainly won't be at 34-years-old.

There won't be another Warner so the Cardinals shouldn't waste their time trying to find him. They say ‘accept no substitutes' and that's exactly what Bulger would be. No matter how much he may look like Warner, he'll never be more than the RC Cola version of him.

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    Shaun wrote...
    Bulger is garbage. If the Cards pursue him as their #1 option, some folks in management need their heads examined.
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    tehQuagmire wrote...
    Stop with the old dudes...
    Right on. We don't need another old dude. We need a franchise QB. As people keep saying, it looks like Arizona is recruiting for it's retirement communities- signing old vets who still think they can play to 1 year deals. Haggans being the only exception considering the shape he's in. Palmer should be the oldest QB we look at. If Kolb and Orton are too expensive, shoot let's just stick with Skelton/Hall/Barrtel.
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