Nursing a Kevin Kolb hangover this holiday weekend

It's a holiday weekend and I don't have to be in the palatial offices of -- really it's just a tiny quarter cubicle with whiteboard walls -- so I'm looking forward to enjoying a hangover. Since I drink about as often as Los Angeles sports fans act classy, I'll have to settle for the Hangover Part 2.

I realize the chances that it lives up to the original are about as good as Jeffery Jordan living up to his father Michael's legacy, but I'm still looking forward to it regardless.

As much as I'll probably enjoy it, not all hangovers are like the movie. Some are anything but entertaining. I'm battling one of those right now. I'm fighting a Kevin Kolb hangover.

I can't be the only one that's suffering from this affliction. The entire story is like seeing a trailer for a movie that isn't coming out for another year. At first it's exciting and makes you think about what the future will hold. The problem is, over time, you continue to see the same preview again and again to the point that it becomes more annoying than having to watch The View and The Real Housewives of (fill in any awful city here) simultaneously on full blast.

Since the Super Bowl in February, rumors about the Arizona Cardinals' interest in Kevin Kolb have run rampant. At the beginning it was interesting. The possibility of the team landing a young quarterback of the future that could keep Larry Fitzgerald happy and lead them back to prominence was every bit as enthralling as home playoff games. Unlike those games though, there was no payoff whatsoever.

With each passing day more rumors emerge and yet we're no closer to an actual resolution. Beat writers -- or should we call them ‘beat a dead horse' writers -- from across the country continue to report ‘new' rumors that consist of the same information we've heard a million times while national analysts repackage the same opinion as if it were some new view on Kolb. It's becoming maddening (and I'm not talking about John).

Are you suffering from a Kevin Kolb hangover?
Thanks to the NFL lockout we're in a bigger standstill than the I-10 during morning rush hour. Due to the players and owners inability to figure out that 50-percent of $9 billion equals enough cash to buy a third world country, or the services of about 10 billion people that work in media, we don't have the game we love. All we are left with is these scraps of information about things that can't even happen that get repeated more often than a Lady Gaga song on a Top 40 radio station.

As much as I am frustrated with the entire situation I'm just as addicted to it. Thus is the plight of the NFL fan. We've bought into the sport hook, line and sinker. As sports fans we've become dependant on the game for entertainment value. It's why fans keep reading every tidbit about Kolb and the Cardinals. It's why writers -- present company included -- continue to pump out content about free agents that are about as free as Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redeption because they can't sign with anyone.

So here we are. Caught in limbo. Frustrated by the information we long for. If Kolb winds up in Arizona he'll have to throw at least 30 touchdowns in a season just to make up for and live up to the months of talk about him and his potential. That or just lead the team to more than five wins and protect the ball. (I have low standards after last season).

The Hangover Part 2 could wind up being a huge disappointment after anticipating it for so long and so could not acquiring Kevin Kolb after so much talk. That would be more frustrating than any rumor especially, since we thought our wolfpack would grow by one.

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    geaz76 wrote...
    I still can't figure out why so many cards fans want to see Bulger in a Cards uni... I'm guessing they are lost in some strange vortex that makes them believe Bulger will mimic Warner's success, I guess that whole Rams tie in... Bring Kolb in and the Cards have a qb they can suit up for the next decade.
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    fenix3030 wrote...
    Heres the worst part
    Everytime I see a story on the QB situation, I actually go into reading it thinking there just might be tidbit of new information. Here is a message I would like conveyed to the "beat a dead horse" writers. Stop speculating, stop writing on it unil there is new news...then, the headline should read..."NEW NEWS ON THE CARDS QB SITUATION!" and if you decide to write old stuff again in diferent order, headline should read "SOS on AZ QB SITUATION" you know what sos is, right??
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