How poetry made Steve Breaston my favorite Cardinal

It's very rare that something on YouTube can actually have a genuine affect on me. Sure, piano playing cats, treadmill running shrimp and double rainbow guy can elicit an annoyed response and two babies talking to each other or the boom goes the dynamite guy can make me chuckle, but they don't have a lasting impact. They're the LeBron James in the 4th quarter of the NBA Finals of the Internet world- inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

On Thursday, a YouTube video actually made me stop, take notice and change my perspective. In a brief one minute and forty-two seconds this video opened my eyes to an individual I overlooked more than the Academy overlooked Christian Bale's performance in The Dark Knight.

The video was a poem that was written and performed by the Arizona Cardinals' wide receiver Steve Breaston entitled ĎA League Deferred'. It was a beautifully crafted piece dedicated to his thoughts on the league's labor strife in which he voiced his disappointment and displeasure for both the owners and his own trade association.

His words flowed like those of a man much older and wiser than his years. They expressed concepts and ideas that made more sense than anything any lawyer, agent or player concerned with money have uttered over the last three months.

From the opening line of "They say it's about business, but I'm here with no business at all", to lines like "Doesn't matter what kind of arguments we present, it feels like it's all about greed" and "They're just seen competing for money in court looking like a poor sport, that's making billions", Breaston made it clear that all he cares about is the fans and getting back on the field.

With those lines spoken in his soft, almost delicate tones, he gained one more fan, me. Breaston's passionate, thoughtful plea was enough to make me put away the snark and genuinely say that he has become my favorite Cardinal.

His stance may be abnormal around the league, but it shouldn't be. The fans are the heart and soul of any sport and without them there'd be nothing to play for and no money to be made.

If the Cardinals are smart, they'll bring him back next season. He's not only the type of football player you want on the field, he's the kind of guy we should want in our community. He cares and that's a rare commodity in sports these days.

In Breaston's poem he asked "With every interview the media feeds, the fan is wondering, are they thinking of me?"

Thanks to his video we now know at least one person in the NFL is thinking of us. And that's one thing on YouTube worth watching and letting affect you.

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    A H. wrote...
    not affect.
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    Geoff M Pope wrote...
    Langston Hughe Would Be Proud
    Were he still alive, Langston Hughes would be proud of Breaston. My favorite line in his poem is ‚ÄúSpeaking to them with my jersey on, / wondering if they still wish to be in it.‚ÄĚ
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