Kolb for Rodgers-Cromartie is a no-brainer

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams (17) pulls in a pass as Arizona Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie defends during the first quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010, in Glendale, Ariz.
Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams (17) pulls in a pass as Arizona Cardinals cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie defends during the first quarter of an NFL football game Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010, in Glendale, Ariz.

What's more important in a car, the engine or the rear-view mirror? When watching a movie do you care more about the camera man or the main actor? In the Jackson 5 who was a more integral part of their success, Michael or Tito? For ESPN is SportsCenter or Erin Andrews more important? In all of those situations each part is meaningful to the whole, but only one is a true difference maker.

It's the same with the Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie rumors that emerged -- or is that re-emerged -- Thursday. One is a nice piece, the other one can change the course of a franchise.

Have you ever heard someone call the NFL a cornerbacks league? No, it's a quarterbacks league and you don't have to look any further than the 2010 Arizona Cardinals for proof. With Rodgers-Cromartie and no quarterback they won a grand total of five games. That may be good in tennis on the Wii, but in football that makes you Dane Cook rather than Zach Galifianakis (translation: not good).

Quarterbacks win Super Bowls not cornerbacks (that is unless your name is Larry Brown Jr., but lets be honest, Neil O'Donnell was responsible for his success and the crazy contract the Raiders gave him as well).

Would you trade Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for Kevin Kolb?
Is Kolb somewhat of an unknown? Yes, but in his seven NFL starts he's posted three games of over 300-yards and won NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors twice. That's Emma Stone type upside; young, talented and demonstrating flashes of brilliance in the few early career performances available.

I'm not saying that DRC isn't a good player. The problem is, he has just as many question marks as Kolb. Yes, he made the Pro Bowl in 2009 but the following season his skills -- like Jim Carey's comedic ability -- disappeared and became one of the worst tacklers in the game. Add that to the fact that he won't even be the best cornerback on the Cardinals' roster in 2011 -- he'll be behind this year's first round draft pick Patrick Peterson on the depth chart -- and it proves why he's expendable.

If that's not enough for you, think of it this way; from 1991 through 2000 the Cardinals had the top cornerback in the NFL not named Deion; Aeneas Williams. For those of you who didn't suffer through those years they made the playoffs one more time than you and me. Oh, that one time was the rare occasion they had a decent quarterback

If the Cardinals want to make a splash and try to solidify their quarterback position for the next ten years they make this deal in a heartbeat.

Kolb can be Michael Jackson -- minus the weird ranch and skin disorder -- for the Cardinals while Rodgers-Cromartie will never be more than Tito.

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    Tennisgrandpa wrote...
    Eagles have gone on the record stating that Kolb could be had for picks, why trade a starter? Stupid move if you ask me.
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    Firemagoo wrote...
    Pumping up the trade
    So they say they want a player that can make an impact this year like a quality starting CB or DL? Of the teams left looking to get Kolb who do they have to choose from? Pretty slim pickings on first glance. They may WANT a pro bowl caliber CB but will they be able to get that from anyone except the Cards? So I think the cards still have a pretty strong offering in just picks. Add to it that Kolb needs to sign of on the deal (no way a team gives up a first rounder or starter without Kolb agreeing to long term deal).
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    DanTheTimid wrote...
    Not straight up...
    Maybe if they gave us Kolb and a pick, but in a straight trade I'd pass. DRC is 1st round pick and a proven star coming off a down year. Kolb is a 2nd round pick who hasn't proven anything yet. If Kolb was a little more proven things would be different, but as things stand I'd rather have the best CB unit in football with both DRC and Peterson then a decent CB unit and a QB that might not be any better then what we have already.
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    BroncoNick wrote...
    No Way!
    Cards would be stupid to trade DRC for Kolb. Kolb hasn't really proven anything, how can you trade a guy that has proven he's a good corner in this league for a guy that still has uncertanties. Cardinals just need to trade for Kyle Orton. I think Orton would fit better here anyways, and he's a better QB than Kolb too. If the Eagles think they can get this much for Kolb they are sadly mistaken.
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    theuglytruth wrote...
    DRC trade
    Well, if the Eagles are done playing footsies and are serious about a sb run, they'd send Kolb, a pair of 1st round picks and a 2nd for DRC. The Falcons set the market for teams making a serious run for the SB, so if Philly is done being cute, they should bring the bank to get DRC. AZ has other options, do the Eagles really want to spend $20M a year for Nnamdi when they can spend that cap $$ on making the run this year?
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    theuglytruth wrote...
    Falcons set the market
    if the Eagles are making a sb push, then the Falcons trade should set the market. The Falcons traded up 19 spots in the 1st round (a 1st rd equivelant), a 2nd round pick, and 4th round pick, and a 2012 1st, and 4th round pick for Julio Jones. A final pc to make the run. DRC is a probowler with NFL exeperience....Eagles need to bring the bank with a lot of picks.
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    Charlie Waffles wrote...
    This is the trade I would propose...
    Philly needs another corner and they need a 3rd down back. I would offer Tim Hightower or Greg Toller and a first round pick for Kolb. It is becoming more important to have stud corners than ever before. Look at the Jets and Packers. Both have 2 top 10 corners and made deep playoff runs. The Cardinals do not have the line to protect Kolb this year. They are going to need to win games with defense.
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    FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    I said something that Espo didnt like
    So he took off my last post. I know the truth can hurt feelings. Your hurt and thats all good. AZ minus DRC plus Kolb = uncertainty and no one to help ADUb. Lets face it! ADub at this point in his career is 80% run stopper and 20% pass coverer. DRC isnt a shut down corner but has been and he can be. He had a down year last yr. EVERYONE DID! Warner left and AZ played like it. Mind you Billy Davis had no idea what he was doing and neither did his players. Now, you have Ray Horton. If AZ trades DRC there is no one on the depth chart that is the equivelant or better than DRC...
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    FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    I said something that Espo didnt like # 2
    Peterson hasnt even stepped on the field. You can't expect him to be the shut down CB he was in college. This is the big boys now baby! DRC had a down year. His tackling is a issue that can be worked on and improved. Kolb has more int's than TD's! That's something that can be worked on and improved, right? If you said yes then that goes for DRC too. We're trying to build a team. Trading DRC is a step backwards for your defense.
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