Arizona Cardinals quarterback hype is leading fans to disappointment

Have you ever had one of those moments where your entire body is engulfed in chills due to something you had just witnessed? I had one of those earlier this week. No, it didn't have anything to do with watching the MLB All-Star game being played in my hometown. It actually didn't even have anything to do with sports. What caused it was watching the trailer for the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises that had leaked onto YouTube.

While my colleague Dave Burns may refer to me as "a Comic-Con type who is amped up like an impatient toddler on Christmas Eve", the truth is the caped crusader is a lot like Arizona sports to me, I fell in love with both as a kid and have faithfully followed them since. (Honestly, I've never read a comic book in my life and wouldn't be caught dead at a gathering where a grown man wears spandex. That includes the ESPYs because of Brian Wilson and WWE Wrestling).

Will the Cardinals quarterback saga live up to the hype?
In the 90s George Clooney and his batsuit -- complete with nipples -- killed the film franchise. Since then Christopher Nolan and the insanely talented Christian Bale have breathed life back into the series better than the most adept paramedics could breath life into a dying patient. Thanks to the last two films being at an Oscar worthy level, I'm counting down the days to the trilogy's finale. There's just one problem, I'm worried that after months of hype, speculation and anticipation it will fall well short of expectations.

It's actually the same way I view the Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation.

For months I've heard more about Kevin Kolb, Kyle Orton and Matt Hasselbeck than a stay-at-home-mom has heard about Jennifer Aniston's dating life and the Casey Anthony trial combined. Every analyst, talking head and former scout has pitched me on why one of the three quarterbacks is the answer to the Cardinals' million dollar quarterback question. All the conjecture, rumors and tireless banter has created an excitement for the season and the future that I can't quite comprehend.

See, the Matt Leinart-Derek Anderson-Max Hall-John Skelton-Richard Bartel era was the Cardinal fans' version of Clooney and the anatomically correct costume. It was simply a complete and utter disaster that seemingly set the franchise back years. Yet somehow, like I have done after every bad year since the Cardinals moved to the Valley, the prospect of a new season with one of those three quarterbacks under center gives me chills (let's be honest, the NFC West is wide open so it's not inconceivable that adding one player could change the fortunes for any team in the division).

The problem is, can Kolb, Orton or Hasselbeck actually live up to the hype?

All three quarterbacks come with their flaws. Kolb is unproven and is best known for the dreaded word ‘potential' (remember at one point someone had to think Carrot Top and Ricky Martin had potential too). If Orton winds up in Arizona it will be his third team in four seasons -- he's like the free oatmeal raisin cookie you get. He's not bad, but he's gotten passed along because he's not really what you prefer to have -- and let's be honest, Hasselbeck is much closer to his pension than his prime.

Despite the good chance that the Cardinals will be significantly improved regardless of the quarterback they bring in to start, much like the way I feel about the Dark Knight Rises the fear remains that all this talk and hype will be for not. The only question is, do I trust Christopher Nolan or Ken Whisenhunt more? I'm leaning towards the former.

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