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  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: Best trade in D-backs history

    The Diamondbacks appear to have made a good trade when they acquired Chris Johnson from the Astros in exchange for a couple of prospects, but is it the best trade the team has ever made? In a word, no, but what is? That’s the topic of this week’s Arizona Sports Face-Off. Follow @theAdamGreen
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: More painful, Nash or Barkley?

    Steve Nash left the Suns for the Los Angeles Lakers. Yeah, that stings. Once the shock of Nash’s departure wore off, we got to thinking: was his departure the most painful for Valley sports fans? And of course, once we got to thinking about that, it was only natural to make it the topic of […]
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: Booing Kevin Kolb?

    Arizona Cardinals fans got to see their team for the first time at Fan Fest, though cheers weren’t the only thing heard at University of Phoenix Stadium. Some boos rained down on QB Kevin Kolb, with fans voicing their displeasure as he misfired on some passes. Was it warranted? Was it fair? That’s the topic […]
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: The value of interleague baseball

    Interleague play is back, with the National League and American League facing off in what has become an annual rite of summer. The part of the schedule has been around for a while now, but it got us to wondering: is it still worth it? That’s the topic of this week’s Arizona Sports Face-Off. Vince […]
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: Most improbable postseason run

    The Phoenix Coyotes have reached the Western Conference Finals, continuing a postseason run few saw coming, and that got us to thinking: What team had the most improbable postseason run in Arizona Sports history? That’s the topic of this week’s Arizona Sports Face-Off. Vince Marotta: Super Cardinals Adam Green: Champion ‘Cats
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: Arizona Cardinals draft style

    As Arizona Cardinals fans, we love the draft. Traditionally the team’s best chance to improve, the Cardinals have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years, with surprises that were both good and bad. Who was their best pick? How about their best late-round selection? What about the worst? We tackle all […]
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: Digging the Whiteout?

    Playoff hockey is back in the desert, and it’s bringing the “Whiteout” with it. As such, Coyotes fans will turn Arena into a sea of white for the third consecutive year. That’s all well and good, provided you like the concept. But what if you don’t? Should the Whiteout go away, forever? That’s the […]
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: 2012 Diamondbacks win total

    The Arizona Diamondbacks surprised all of baseball last season by winning 94 games and the NL West. Can they do better this season? That’s the topic of this week’s Arizona Sports Face Off. Vince Marotta: Yes Adam Green: No
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: All-Star Games

    The NBA All-Star Game is coming up, with the game’s stars set to take the court in Orlando to showcase the game of basketball. Excited? Not everyone is, so it got us to thinking: Which league has the best All-Star Game? That is the question for this week’s Arizona Sports Face Off. Vince Marotta: MLB […]
  • Arizona Sports Face-Off: 38-year-old athletes

    Suns star Steve Nash turned 38 recently, and celebrated the milestone by hitting the game-winning shot against the Milwaukee Bucks. So it got us to thinking, who is the best 38-year-old player in Arizona Sports history? That is the question for the first ever Arizona Sports Face Off. Vince Marotta: Steve Nash Adam Green: Randy […]