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  • The Cardinals put Josh Rosen in a promo video after they didn’t

    If you want to get paralysis from analysis, try to figure out what the Arizona Cardinals social media team is doing with regards to Josh Rosen.
  • Phil Mickelson ready to hit bombs and start Masters weekend with Kuchar

    Saturday at Augusta National during the Masters is typically a big swing day. Phil Mickelson is taking the latter phrase quite literally.
  • Security guard almost takes out Tiger Woods during Masters

    Tiger Woods is having a pretty good start to the Masters, but it all could have been for naught because of one already infamous slip from a security guard.
  • Dragan Bender dribbling a basketball is breaking the internet

    Dragan Bender apparently can't have nice things. Like dribbling a basketball.
  • Kobe Bryant led former Sun Channing Frye to smoke his 1st cigarette

    Channing Frye's Phoenix farewell comes with a funny tale about the former Suns forward following the team's loss to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers.
  • Mike Bercovici might be a part of the AAF’s most memorable play ever

    The AAF might be done, and former ASU quarterback Mike Bercovici holds a weird place in the brief Alliance of American Football league's history.
  • Cardinals’ Kliff Kingsbury got got in prank by Rams coach Sean McVay

    It turns out Sean McVay's secret sauce doesn't include a Belichickien aversion to hanging out with and pranking friend Kliff Kingsbury.
  • People are very upset Kliff Kingsbury will allow Cardinals cellphone breaks

    Some folks thinks Kliff Kingsbury giving his players the ability to check their cellphones during breaks will doom the Arizona Cardinals.
  • Zylan Cheatham executes delightful dance, makes ASU win official

    Arizona State senior wing Zylan Cheatham is the heart and soul of Bobby Hurley's squad, so leave it to him to make the Sun Devils' win over St. John's official.
  • Bobby Hurley apparently gets technical foul for asking a question

    Bobby Hurley has earned his fair share of technical fouls but the one he was assessed on Wednesday didn't seem warranted.