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Updated Jul 6, 2011 - 2:22 pm

Top 5 Blowhards in Arizona sports history

If you live in the greater Phoenix area you probably got to experience quite the dust storm, or as those weather educated meteorologists called it, a haboob (try not to giggle too much). While you watched it create a mess out of your yard and car we doubt you were thinking about how it connected to Arizona sports. That's what we're here for.

While we watched the massive cloud of dust blow through the Valley we wondered who in Arizona sports history was like the storm (loud, full of hot air and only around for a brief time). While we pondered the question it came to us, we had to put together the Top 5 Biggest Blowhards In Arizona Sports History.

So without further adieu, here's our list.

No. 5 Mike Stoops

Have you ever watched the guy on the sideline of an Arizona football game? He kicks up more dust and throws more tantrums than a four year old. If that doesn't qualify you as a blowhard, it's tough to imagine what would.

No. 4 Eric Byrnes

Was there a player who created a bigger stir for absolutely no good reason? He liked to talk a big game and even was given his own TV show without really producing. Plus, when you're comparing people in Arizona sports to a giant cloud of dust, how do you not include a guy nicknamed Pig Pen?

No. 3 Denny Green

This is all you need to know.

No. 2 Shaquille O'Neal

Anyone remember when Shaq was introduced to Suns fans back in February of 2008? We sure do and we also remember him saying this.

"I'm very upset," he told the media introduction news conference. "You just don't really want to get me upset. When I'm upset, I'm known to do certain things -- like win championships."

Or help a team win fewer games than it previously had and miss the playoffs, but who's counting.

When you add in him pointing to his empty ring finger from a suite at the US Airways Center prior to suiting up for the team it's easy to understand why he ranked so high on our list.

No. 1 Buddy Ryan

The man introduced himself to the Valley with six simple yet powerful words. "You've got a winner in town."

The problem was, unless your definition of winning is finishing eight games under .500 over two season, Ryan felt short of his lofty goal. His brash nature wasn't just apparent in his introductory press conference though.

Throughout his 32-game stint with the Arizona Cardinals Ryan rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. He did it up until his final moments as the teams coach and general manager when he left the sidelines at Sun Devil Stadium prior to his final game's final whistle.

It's no wonder why his son Rex Ryan is now the biggest blowhard in all of sports.


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