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Doug & Wolf

Doug and Wolf get you up with latest sports news presented in an entertaining way. It's Jock vs. Joe every morning as former NFL player Ron Wolfley brings the perspective of a former athlete and former high school bench warmer Doug Franz speaks for the average fan. Listen live every morning from 6-10 AM Arizona Time on Arizona Sports on 98.7 FM or download this podcast.

4-23-18 Paul's Call   (7:49)4-23-2018
Can the Cardinals welcome what the royal family just received...a royal teammate?
Dan Bickley, Arizona Sports Host and Columnist   (9:08)4-23-2018
Bickley joins the guys to talk about his Sunday column on David Johnson
Maximum Football with Max Starks   (46:58)4-23-2018
Former NFL OL Max Starks talks NFL Draft, OL prospects and the latest Keim Time Sign
Ron Wolfley's Draft Freaks - Part 1   (2:18)4-23-2018
Wolf's first 2018 Draft Freak, "The Myth"
April 23, 2018 - Hour 1   (40:05)4-23-2018
Is Baker Mayfield the Cardinals target? What will it take to get him? Plus Patrick Corbin dominates again
April 23, 2018 - Hour 2   (38:35)4-23-2018
Could Baker Mayfield be the next Arizona Cardinal? Wolf's NFL Draft Freak Show, the D-backs win again and the latest NFL Draft rumors
April 23, 2018 - Hour 3   (40:40)4-23-2018
Max Starks come in for some "Maximum Football" plus the latest Cardinals draft rumors and we dig into Bickley's piece on David Johnson
April 23, 2018 - Hour 4   (38:57)4-23-2018
Max Starks sticks around to talk OL, Dan Bickley joins to talk his column on David Johnson plus it's the latest Keim Time Sign and Paul's Call!
4-20-18 Airtime's Audio Equity   (1:07)4-20-2018
Airtime gives his NFL Draft Top 15 and adds a bold prediction
4-20-18 Paul's Call   (8:22)4-20-2018
Wolf's in the wrong line of work and Paul's Call has a new career for him
Gambo, Arizona Sports Afternoon Host   (7:34)4-20-2018
Gambo gives us inside info on the Suns search for a new head coach
Wolf's Cardinals Schedule Breakdown   (3:16)4-20-2018
Wolf breaks down the Cardinals 2018 schedule
Wolf's Dramatic Read - Pop on Kawhi   (0:37)4-20-2018
Wolf does a dramatic read as Coach Popovich ranting about Kawhi Leonard
April 20, 2018 - Hour 1   (39:41)4-20-2018
The Cardinals get their 2018 schedule, the D-backs win again but lose a man and Sam Bradford talks to the media
April 20, 2018 - Hour 2   (39:00)4-20-2018
Wolf tackles the Cards schedule, the D-backs win again and Sam Bradford addresses his injury recovery
April 20, 2018 - Hour 3   (38:25)4-20-2018
A draft prospect on his best move, the D-backs win again and the Cards get their new schedule
April 20, 2018 - Hour 4   (38:29)4-20-2018
The D-backs without Owings, Les Snead's comment about the Cards, Gambo on the Suns, Airtime's picks and Paul's Call!
4-19-18 Paul's Call   (8:19)4-19-2018
On deck in Paul's Call, it's Paulie Pinch-Hitter, ready to take his hacks!
Derrick Hall, D-backs President and CEO   (8:57)4-19-2018
D-Hall talks D-backs, Alex Avila and the loss of Taijuan Walker
Impromptu Power Poll - NFL Draft Top 15   (6:23)4-19-2018
Doug, Wolf and Paul go "On the Clock" and give you their top 15 picks of the 2018 NFL Draft