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It's Paul's Call with Paul Calvisi!

Paul Calvisi delivers the sports news of the day in a fast-paced and entertaining way.

Paul's Call   (00:08:02)6-19-2018
Paul's Call ain't waiting until training camp to spy into the backyard of one division rival....Division "dirt."
Paul's Call   (00:08:50)6-18-2018
Paul’s Call doesn’t need to get fired up. The rest of the sports world does it for him!
Paul's Call   (00:08:51)6-15-2018
Just because it's Friday, it doesn't mean there isn't room for a Paul's Call rant!
6-14-18 Paul's Call   (00:07:00)6-14-2018
A Paulie Postcard...from the World Cup in Russia! It's Paul's Call!
6-13-18 Paul's Call   (00:07:57)6-13-2018
Who loves a parade? Everybody loves a parade...except Paul's Call with Paul Calvisi.