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It's Paul's Call with Paul Calvisi!

Paul Calvisi delivers the sports news of the day in a fast-paced and entertaining way.

Paul's Call   (00:08:23)8-15-2018
Did the Giants rip off the D-backs and what got a first rounder traded off the Browns roster?
Paul's Call   (00:08:33)8-14-2018
Paul's Call peaks over to Cleveland Browns camp.
Paul's Call   (00:08:06)8-13-2018
Just when you thought you couldn't cope with a Monday, Paul's Call gets us through.
Paul's Call   (00:07:47)8-10-2018
Paul's Call comes out of the bullpen to not only save the show, but usher in the future!
Paul's Call   (00:08:29)8-8-2018
Paul's Call is sticking up for Little Leaguers everywhere.
Paul's Call   (00:08:45)8-7-2018
Paul’s Call assesses how Josh Rosen stacks up with the other first round quarterbacks. Is the rookie winning or losing?
Paul's Call   (00:07:43)8-6-2018
If you don't think a Monday morning can get worse, Paul's Call will go to great lengths to prove it!
Paul's Call   (00:08:30)8-3-2018
Forget the cowbell, Paul’s Call has “goats” and we’re not talking about the “greatest.” Including the worst U of A fan of all time.
Paul's Call   (00:08:23)8-2-2018
When Paul’s Call is the voice of reason, you know we’re in trouble. Can’t we all get along?
Paul's Call   (00:08:57)8-1-2018
Paul’s Call hits the “Fat Guy Update Desk” and rips off Doug & Wolf.
Paul's Call   (00:08:19)7-31-2018
Paul’s Call will decide who stays and who goes before the trade deadline.
Paul's Call   (00:09:07)7-27-2018
Paul's Call looks over the block wall into the backyard of the NFC West.
Paul's Call   (00:08:28)7-26-2018
What will Paul’s Call lose first? His money… or his mind? …..or both?
Paul's Call   (00:08:38)7-25-2018
Paul’s Call is uplifting, hard-hitting and down trodden. Names will be named.
Paul's Call   (00:09:04)7-24-2018
Paul's Call has found someone other than Wolf who is sitting around the hose with an "L" on his forehead, and he's a QB we've all heard of.
Paul's Call   (00:09:06)7-23-2018
​Paul's Call is back and since he's not happy about it, he takes it out on everyone else!
Paul's Call   (00:08:04)6-29-2018
Paul's Call gives a lesson in sportsmanship then goes vacation mode!
Paul's Call   (00:08:23)6-28-2018
Paul’s Call has questions for Tim Kempton. Will Kempton have answers? Kempton under oath in Paul’s Call!
Paul's Call   (00:08:03)6-27-2018
Paul's Call tries to clean up Archie Bradley's mess.
Paul's Call   (00:08:20)6-26-2018
Turns out, the D-backs lost more than a game and Paul Calvisi loses his mind in Paul’s Call!
Paul's Call   (00:08:29)6-25-2018
Paul’s Call attempts the Impossible, to try and turn a Monday into a Friday. The party is on in Paul’s Call!
Paul's Call   (00:07:07)6-22-2018
Just because it's Friday doesn't mean people won't sleep with the fishes. It's Paul's Call!
Paul's Call   (00:08:32)6-21-2018
Who is taking aim at the Warriors? Who is suffering from bad aim? It's Paul's Call!
Paul's Call   (00:08:49)6-20-2018
Who should be the top pick in the NBA Draft?  Forget the experts, Paul's Call asks the prospects and then takes cover…
Paul's Call   (00:08:02)6-19-2018
Paul's Call ain't waiting until training camp to spy into the backyard of one division rival....Division "dirt."
Paul's Call   (00:08:50)6-18-2018
Paul’s Call doesn’t need to get fired up. The rest of the sports world does it for him!
Paul's Call   (00:08:51)6-15-2018
Just because it's Friday, it doesn't mean there isn't room for a Paul's Call rant!
6-14-18 Paul's Call   (00:07:00)6-14-2018
A Paulie Postcard...from the World Cup in Russia! It's Paul's Call!
6-13-18 Paul's Call   (00:07:57)6-13-2018
Who loves a parade? Everybody loves a parade...except Paul's Call with Paul Calvisi.