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Updated Jan 28, 2011 - 12:14 pm

Suns 'human basketball' says dunk was an accident

PHOENIX- Thursday a video made the rounds on the Internet of a member of the Phoenix Suns Verve Sol Patrol, a group who entertains fans during timeouts, completing quite the unique dunk. While unique, interesting and even bizarre dunks off of trampolines are the norm in arenas across the NBA this one was truly special. That is because this time the performer actually dunked himself, rather than the ball, through the hoop.

The video approached viral status appearing on websites across the country and leaving fans with numerous questions. We decided to go straight to the source to get them answered.

Nick Corales 'human basketball'

Nick Corrales is the member of the Sol Patrol who made that fateful journey that started by jumping off of a trampoline and ended in internet stardom. While the video has proven to be quite entertaining, Corrales says that the entire chain of events was far from planned.

"Well, as cool as it would be to say it was planned, in all honesty it was not," he said. "I just went harder for the dunk then I originally planned to do."

Corrales certainly didn't expect his accidental attempt to turn into an internet phenomenon.

"I imagined it would be something people would talk about, especially since it was in front of a stadium full of Suns fans," he said. "But I never realized that it would be as popular as it has become."

With the 'self-dunk' being more of a happy coincidence than a planned attempt, it's impressive that Corrales had the mental fortitude to adjust in mid-air and avoid hitting the backboard like a fly on a windshield. The question is, what exactly was going through his mind as he went through the hoop.

"It would probably help if I explained what as I was thinking as I was in the air before approaching the basket, which was a self assessment how it's not going to end up how I originally planned," the performer said. "Half way through the basket it was more of a 'well... there's only one way out now' kind of thought."

Despite the unplanned destination, Corrales avoided serious injury.

"Aside from the bruises, I made it through without major injury," he said, "Which is always a plus."

He may have avoided injury but it's not clear if he and his 'human basketball' act will be appearing at an arena near you anytime soon.

"Well, I am not too sure of how successful new attempts will be and how many times I can avoid injury," Corales said. "But I guess only time will tell."

So here's to you Nick Corales. Your mistake has managed to do something few people on the court have this season, make Suns fans smile.


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