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Dan Bickley

  • Scar tissue of Diaw, Stoudemire suspensions torn off after Love ruling

    After Kevin Love did not get suspended for leaving the bench, the scar tissue was torn off and an old wound was reopened for the Boris Diaw and Amar'e Stoudemire suspensions.
  • Are Diamondbacks hitters suffering from information overload?

    The Arizona Diamondbacks hitters are struggling and it may be due to a new hitting approach they employed near the end of the 2017 season.
  • NFL’s new policy on national anthem protests is league’s latest blunder

    The NFL's new policy for the national anthem is the league's latest blunder, further proof that greedy hands can’t be trusted.
  • Trade No. 1 pick for Towns? The Suns have leverage, incentive and Booker

    Trading the pick would pull the plug on this exhilarating experience. It would also eliminate the timeline and a playoff drought that’s lasted nearly a decade.
  • Change of fortune has Diamondbacks fighting for local attention

    With the Cardinals drafting Josh Rosen and the Suns choosing between Deandre Ayton and Luka Doncic after winning the lottery, it's the Diamondbacks fighting for attention in the market.
  • Suns change franchise’s narrative by winning NBA Draft Lottery

    After winning the NBA Draft Lottery and coming away with the first overall pick, the Phoenix Suns now have an energy around the franchise that is undeniable.
  • Diamondbacks’ slump casts spotlight on a struggling Paul Goldschmidt

    The Diamondbacks current slump is casting an unexpected spotlight on Paul Goldschmidt, who has shriveled from perennial MVP candidate to deer in headlights.
  • Chase Edmonds’ chip on his shoulder makes him a great bet for Cardinals

    The Arizona Cardinals' fourth-round pick, Chase Edmonds, has a chip on his shoulder and that makes him a great bet for the Cardinals.
  • James threatens Jordan’s legacy like never before in booming NBA

    The NBA continues to grow and succeed as its biggest superstar since Michael Jordan threatens Jordan's legacy as the greatest of all time like never before.
  • Cardinals’ quarterback dynamics offers potential for high drama

    Kurt Warner offers insight into how the Arizona Cardinals' quarterback dynamics between the three newcomers should be -- and how it could go wrong.
  • Despite hiring a very good coach in Kokoskov, Suns have more work to do

    Dig deep, Suns fans. Strip away the suspicions and look at Igor Kokoskov for who he is, and not who will soon be signing his paychecks in Phoenix.
  • Following latest remarks, would NBA ever silence Charles Barkley?

    Charles Barkley's latest remarks about Warriors forward Draymond Green bring on the question of if the NBA would ever consider silencing one of the league's most popular voices.
  • Arizona Cardinals draft grade: ‘G’ for godsend

    Bad luck can make a sports town crazy. Our relentless misfortune may have ended at the 2018 NFL draft, where the Cardinals earned the highest grade possible.
  • Call it robbery: Cardinals hit home run with trade, pick of QB Josh Rosen

    We should all credit general manager Steve Keim for hitting a home run by trading and picking Josh Rosen. Except that would be an understatement. He hit a grand slam. With the bases empty.
  • Despite bumpy coaching search, Sarver can still fix image of Suns

    Suns owner Robert Sarver needs to keep improving, understanding that his temperament, banker mentality and wild success in other industries haven’t always served him well in the NBA.
  • Cardinals’ David Johnson ready to reclaim his future in 2018

    On the surface, Johnson is the same as ever. But deep down, this is not about numbers. It’s reclaiming his future, jumpstarting his stalled status, exceeding expectations all over again.
  • Pat Tillman’s great Valley legacy honored by Pat’s Run

    Pat Tillman's legacy is one of our greatest gifts, who starred at Arizona State (No. 42), made an impact for the Cardinals (No. 40) and died on foreign soil from bullet wounds.
  • Easy April takeaways and predictions for Cardinals’ 2018 schedule

    The 2018 Arizona Cardinals schedule is out and that means it's time for some takeaways and predictions in April that won't mean much in September.
  • D-backs’ Patrick Corbin blossoming into one of baseball’s best storylines

    After being mentioned in trade talks over the summer, lefty Patrick Corbin has looked like the Arizona Diamondbacks' true ace in 2018.
  • My next chapter: Why I joined

    My column will no longer land on driveways, repurposed to wrap fish or line birdcages. It now appears exclusively at liberated from print deadlines, paywalls and pop-up ads.
Dan Bickley bio
Dan Bickley is the most influential sports media member in Arizona sports history, having spent over 20 years as the award-winning lead sports columnist for The Arizona Republic and and almost two decades as a Valley sports radio talk show host. In spring 2018, Bickley made the decision to leave the newspaper to join the Arizona Sports team as host of the entertaining and informative midday show Bickley and Marotta, as well as bring his opinionated and provocative column exclusively to
Bickley’s journalism career began in his hometown of Chicago, where he was part of a star-studded staff at the Chicago Sun-Times. He chronicled Michael Jordan’s six NBA championships; covered the Olympics in eight different countries and attended 14 Super Bowls; spent three weeks in an Indianapolis courthouse writing about Mike Tyson’s rape trial; and once left his laptop in an Edmonton bar after the Blackhawks reached the Stanley Cup Finals.
He has won multiple awards, written two books, formed a rock band, fathered three children, and once turned down an offer to work at the New York Times.  His passions include sports, music, the alphabet, good beer and great radio. After joining Arizona Sports 98.7 FM, he couldn’t be happier