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  • Doug: Consider me a fan of Early Doucet

    Doug: Consider me a fan of Early Doucet

    “To dive or not to dive?” I’m sure this isn’t a question you ever had to ponder in any of your college Humanities/Philosophy classes but Early Doucet had that very decision to make Monday morning. There’s a lot of double-standards in sports. We love to say, “You practice like you play,” until Larry Fitzgerald got […]
  • Doug: Legally speaking

    Doug: Legally speaking

    Tuesday we had Lester Munson on the show. Roger Cossack and Munson are the legal analysts for ESPN. I strongly encourage you to listen to the interview because he touches on three major subjects: Vick, Burress and American Needle. You hear those subjects and you assume I’ve ranked them in importance. I didn’t. They’re ranked […]
  • Doug: Suns should listen to Grandma

    Doug: Suns should listen to Grandma

    $#)% or get off the pot. I realize that starting a blog with an impolite word is not appropriate for a co-host of a show that prides itself on the fact your kids can listen to Doug & Wolf. My Grandmother always says, “Poop, or get off the pot.” When you’re old school German-Catholic, the […]
  • Doug: The joy of being a fan

    Doug: The joy of being a fan

    When you’re a fan of the worst team in Major League Baseball (I don’t consider the Nats “Major League”), it’s easy to forget the guys under the hats. This is not a blog about the problems of the D-backs or the mistakes of the past. I’m on vacation and I don’t want to take the […]
  • Wolf: Plan-It Orange

    Wolf: Plan-It Orange

    And so it begins. The Phoenix Suns are in the process of rebuilding their basketball team. Although I continue to proffer the belief they have been rebuilding since the Terry Porter hire, the trading of Shaq to the Cleveland Cavaliers for a player that may retire, a player that will be bought out and a […]
  • Doug: It's just a beginning

    Doug: It’s just a beginning

    The news room is a scramble. The bald boss man wants all hands on deck. E-mails are exploding. It’s a huge story. Shaq’s been traded. It’s all over the place. I have a completely different stance: Quit looking at Cleveland or you’ll miss what’s about to happen. Despite having a minor in History, I don’t […]
  • Doug: Enjoying guest hosts

    Doug: Enjoying guest hosts

    I love the first few days of guest co-hosts. There’s no doubt the show takes a hit without Wolf. He brings an unmatched energy that I think we all need in the morning. His point-of-view is so different than anyone else you’ll meet. He gives the show an edge because there’s no way to anticipate […]
  • Wolf: Mark Reynolds and the game of life

    Wolf: Mark Reynolds and the game of life

    Watching Mark Reynolds play the game of baseball is a fascinating way to pass the summer months. He is the most entertaining player the Diamondbacks have on their roster and summers in the Basin can be brutal. The Sonoran Sun will idle the hands of even the most ardent worker and turn busy Basinonians into […]
  • Doug: Mailbag on four hot topics

    Doug: Mailbag on four hot topics

    A lot of topics Wednesday got the ire of a lot of people and serious introspection. There was a wide ranging array. Some topics were frighteningly funny and some were just plain frightening. DONTE STALLWORTH I quite frequently agree with you. Today, however, I am shocked at your opinion. Stallworth only complied because he got […]
  • Wolf: I would stand and applaud

    Wolf: I would stand and applaud

    There are questions lurking in the corners of the dark shadows this evening. Let us open our minds and peer into the soul, looking for that deeper shade of pitch. And so it begins…this personal question to which there is no “right” or “wrong” answer; there are only opinions and personal choices. Randy Johnson was […]
  • Doug: To stand or not to stand

    Doug: To stand or not to stand

    There’s a big question that every D-back fan has to answer tonight at Chase Field. Do you stand and applaud, applaud only, do nothing, or boo Randy Johnson? Wednesday night during the third inning, the D-backs will show a video tribute to Randy Johnson honoring his 300th win. It’s a classy move by the D-backs. […]
  • Doug: Too right to be so wrong

    Doug: Too right to be so wrong

    The man is right too often to be this wrong. I think Josh Byrnes is a good GM. Look at how many things he has done right. I could go on forever but just this year there’s Parra, the decision to leave a struggling Upton in the line-up, keeping Roberts on the roster, not giving […]
  • Wolf: Time to mend relations

    Wolf: Time to mend relations

    Boldin fired his agent. Henry VIII beheaded two of his wives.
  • Doug: The Eric Byrnes throw

    Doug: The Eric Byrnes throw

    The mailbag completely filled up Thursday on one subject: Eric Byrnes. Every e-mail can be divided into three categories: 1) I’m being too hard on Byrnes. It’s the D-backs fault they gave him the contract. Just send him to the minors. Eric Byrnes turned down the first few exstension offers during the 2007 season. He […]
  • Doug: Yes! I believe

    Doug: Yes! I believe

    This time of year, so many people come to me and ask me one simple question: “Do you really believe the NBA Draft Lottery is rigged?” Of course there are times when I say something I don’t mean because I’m a sarcastic person. Yes, sometimes I say something I don’t mean just to get Wolf’s […]