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Doug & Wolf

  • Doug: Predicting Major League Baseball

    It’s prediction time! This is a very difficult year to make predictions in baseball. The Yankees are old and defending World Champions. The Rays are the best team in the East, but they’re over budget with Carl Crawford in a contract year. Are the Angels great because of Scioscia, or were they great because of […]
  • Doug: Don’t cry for Tucson

    There are so many waxing nostalgic about Tucson spring training since it’s over. The D-backs last game at Tucson Electric Park was Tuesday. Their last game in Tucson was Wednesday. It’s amazing how many articles and news features I keep reading and hearing about the years of spring training in Tucson. There’s even an AP […]
  • Wolf: The Rage and Joey Porter

    I love the signing of Joey Porter. When I heard Joey Porter was an Arizona Cardinal I wanted to smear the eye-black under my eyes and streak it down my face. I wanted to dip the index and middle finger into the black honey-pot of goodness, scoop out the paint and streak it on my […]
  • Wolf: Rolle and Dansby tough to replace but not impossible

    Antrel Rolle and Karlos Dansby will be difficult to replace but not impossible. The Cardinals wanted both of these players to return to the fold but at a reasonable price. Like having to let Leonard Davis go because they couldn’t pay him $12-million (he signed with Dallas for an average of $7.5-million per season, something […]
  • Wolf: Boldin will be missed; Cards building

    I am compelled to offer this preface: Anquan Boldin is one of my favorite football players in the NFL. When it comes to competing in the hyper-aggressive world of alpha-males, he is without peer. There are players that play the game with such ferocity their intentions can only be translated as a deep, abiding hatred […]
  • Doug: Let’s pop some bubbles

    Let’s pop some bubbles. If you are a big ASU fan but you don’t have the time or desire (or in my case you actually have a life) to study college basketball, I’m here for you. If you’ve been wondering what will it take to get ASU in the NCAA tournament, I’ll tell you what […]
  • Doug: A quick conversation changed outlook on 2010 Cardinals

    Do you ever believe in the completely illogical? I’m not talking Wolf’s belief in Big Foot. I mean do you ever feel like you know something is right even though you hear a voice that says, “You know better than to buy in.” I am allowing a conversation that was less than 15 minutes affect […]
  • Doug: I wouldn’t mind Stanley Robinson in a Suns uniform

    I’m different than most GM’s in the NBA. Well, the number one difference is I’m not an NBA GM, but I should say “if” I was an NBA GM I would be different in the way that I rate a top 10 pick. The world is so big that if I’m drafting you as one […]
  • Doug: I wouldn’t mind DeMarcus Cousins in a Suns uniform

    The NBA draft is only 18 weeks away and the Suns need my help. Every week leading up to the draft I will explain who I’d like to see the Suns get in the 2010 draft on June 24. Before we start, let’s review last year. As many of you know, I was all about […]
  • Doug: I wouldn’t mind Greg Monroe in a Suns uniform

    The NBA draft is only 20 weeks away and the Suns need my help. Every week leading up to the draft I will explain who I’d like to see the Suns get in the 2010 draft on June 24. Before we start, let’s review last year. As many of you know, I was all about […]
  • Doug: Favorite Kurt Warner memory

    I know out of everything he’s done on the field, memory’s belong on the field. However, for me the man Kurt Warner stands out much more than the quarterback. My greatest memory of Kurt Warner was the way he answered a question of mine while in Flagstaff. I set-up a question by bringing up the […]
  • Wolf: Best Kurt Warner memory

    The best memory I have of Kurt Warner has nothing to do with the praise he received as a player but the standing ovation he received as a man. Traveling with the team has its privileges. The charter is a great way to travel; they feed you when you get on the plane, during the […]
  • Doug: Warner is a true role model

    The end of the career of Kurt Warner does not mean the Matt Leinart era is beginning. If there’s anything we’ve learned about the Arizona Cardinals under Ken Whisenhunt, he makes everyone earn their job. There is absolutely nothing wrong with immediately looking ahead to what Matt Leinart can do. The Cardinals staff did it […]
  • Doug: The 2009 Cardinals were a success

    Obviously definitions will vary but I’ll give you three words: success, failure, greatness. Failure is completely falling below expectations. Success is meeting expectations. Greatness is exceeding expectations. Now that we’ve had a couple of days to get over the loss, let’s say it: The 2009 Arizona Cardinals were a successful team. Too many people are […]
  • Doug: Watching Doucet was a beautiful thing

    What a thrill it was to sit in the press box Sunday afternoon at University of Phoenix Stadium! I picked the game right but I don’t take much credit in being right. I thought the Cardinals would control the whole game and the Packers might score a late TD but still lose by 14-17 points. […]