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  • The Diamondbacks should officially declare themselves as sellers

    I hate doing this. I want to win like everyone else. I would love to see the Arizona Diamondbacks make a fantastic run to the World Series just like the Rockies did in 2007. There’s just one problem with that dream: REALITY. The trade deadline is approaching. After Wednesday night, the Diamondbacks should officially declare […]
  • NFL prepares for Free Agent Frenzy

    If all goes well the NFL is on the precipice of a spectacle unlike anything the league has ever seen before: a condensed “free-agent frenzy” that may start on Friday and end next Friday, July 29th. And this forced spectacle may become the NFL’s newest component to dominating the offseason like no other sport in […]
  • We can say it: the U.S. women choked

    I think the women’s World Cup run was wonderful to watch. I think the women’s World Cup team showed an incredible force of will to advance to the finals with powerhouse teams like Brazil and Germany blocking their path. I think the U. S. women’s World Cup team completely choked in the championship game of […]
  • FIFA is the problem with soccer, not Americans

    FIFA does more to hurt soccer in this country than the sport does. The U.S. women have had an amazing World Cup. The goals of Abby Wambach should fall in the legendary moments of American sport and instead they fall into two unpopular categories: soccer and women’s sports. Soon you will be bombarded with why […]
  • Don’t complain about the Arizona heat

    I don’t want to hear it (and I know I’m going to). When I was on vacation, people would look at my license plate and say how lucky I was to get out before the heat. When I left for work this morning it was 91 degrees. When I left the station after the show […]
  • Big Red Post-Lockout Plan

    The lockout is on its last legs. Training camps are set to open at the end of July and things appear to be going well between owners and players. All signs point to a deal getting done before July 15 and I don’t think all the lawyers in the league could derail a settlement from […]
  • NFL labor issues creating unusual free agency situation

    There is good news coming out of the Windy City and it has nothing to do with hot air. The owners seem relatively unified in approving a structure for the new CBA. Tuesday marks day ninety-eight of the lockout, the longest work stoppage in NFL history.
  • What is the definition of a true fan?

    What is the definition of a true fan? Unbelievably loyal? Die-Hard? Band-Wagon? Watch every game on TV or listen on the radio? Just a sucker? The Diamondbacks had their largest weekend of the season this last weekend in terms of attendance. Almost 99,000 fans came to see the Dbacks and White Sox. The next highest […]
  • LeBron’s legacy hangs in the balance

    I realize we would all take LeBron’s paycheck if it meant we had to deal with his “pressure.” I think it’s insulting to ask people to categorize the pressure James is dealing with versus our military or the firefighters in northeast Arizona. Anyone with a clue understands the point and it’s OK to be left […]
  • We have a series and this is really weird

    GAME 4 Copious Thoughts from the Abstract Raw, Uncut, Unedited NBA FINALS: GAME 4 1 The Mavericks are desperate; look at their faces. Defense is the word; both teams speak it, say it and do it well. Points are at a premium. A three is power, Rick Carlisle gets T’d up; he has a case; […]
  • Do the D-backs know or believe?

    Recently, I had the pleasure of telling graduating students they will discover in life that what they know is no match for what they believe. One can know, understand and comprehend all things but it means nothing unless it is put into action. If one’s knowledge, understanding and comprehension does not shape them as a […]
  • College football is broken

    Indianapolis, we have a problem. No, I’m not in favor of moving NASA. College football is broken. The people that are the cause of the problem are also the ones in charge of fixing the problem…thus the problem. Is John Junker the only bowl President to host massive parties of self-indulgence? Is Jim Tressel the […]
  • The time is now for Bud Selig, baseball

    You can copy Nike and say, “Just Do It.” Steal from the Larry “The Cable Guy,” “Git er done.” It’s never wrong to quote from Caddyshack, “Let’s go while we’re young.” Baseball needs to strike a deal with the players association in the next 40 days. It is a rare opportunity when MLB gets to […]
  • NFL Fans: Change the way you think

    Rule changes were unanimously approved by the NFL on Tuesday. As expected the biggest rule changes involve player safety. The biggest change of all has nothing to do with rules. The biggest change of all includes a fundamental shift in the way the game is played. The NFL has issued their latest edict. The following […]
  • I’m happy for my friend Rick Welts

    There is nothing more subjective than lists. Who’s the greatest player of all-time (Babe Ruth, Jim Brown, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky)? Who’s the greatest Super Hero of all-time (Batman)? The real tough one: who is the greatest American of all-time? It’s too difficult to say “any man or woman who died protecting our freedom” is […]

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