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  • Rajon Rondo has my respect

    Rajon Rondo has my respect. Playing in game three after suffering a dislocated elbow was beyond the call of duty. He played the entire fourth-quarter with a throbbing elbow when most would have called it a night. It was Mr. Rondo’s call after all: it was his decision to return to action in Boston’s game […]
  • LeBron James is not Michael Jordan

    LeBron James is not Michael Jordan. Without coming right out and saying it, King James will tell you this. If you watch what he does and listen to what he says and read between the lines, the differences are considerable. No matter how many rings Mr. James wins he should never be compared to Michael. […]
  • Cardinals’ 2011 NFL draft grades

    It happens every year. The NFL draft takes place. Experts give grades. If the NFL team likes the grades, they promote their good grades through their media relations arm. If they don’t, they rip the grades saying it takes 3 years to evaluate a draft. If the player fails, the team says the draft is […]
  • Cardinals need a home run in Round 2

    Why should I stop dreaming? Hit a home run in Round 2. You’d be worried about my family life if you knew how much college football I watch. Despite traveling with ASU, I use two DVR’s and a VCR to record almost every nationally televised college football game so I can watch it when I […]
  • A wonderful day to be a Cardinals fan

    This was a great pick by the Arizona Cardinals. Patrick Peterson, CB out of LSU, was the surest thing in this draft. He was rated the number player overall on many draft boards. Picking him at number 5 gives the Cardinals instant value in the first-round. Peterson will do four primary things for Big Red: […]
  • I support the Cardinals’ pick… Depending on

    I’m fully aware the Arizona Cardinals do not care whether I support their first pick in the 2011 NFL draft. Insultingly enough, they have never once asked my opinion (although they should have since I didn’t like the Levi Brown pick). Having said that, there are only two scenarios that I can see happening between […]
  • Wolf’s Freakshow

    Ron Wolfley’s Freakshow Follow @Tyler_Bassett
  • With Kolb it’s all about control

    We all want control in our lives. What person do you know that proclaims his or her undying gratitude for their life spinning out of control? Control can be pathological for some and complicated for others but never rejected by mainstream America. Control, not greed, is good. Kevin Kolb seems to be trying to manipulate […]
  • A letter to Mr. Shane Doan

    Mr. Shane Doan Captain Phoenix Coyotes 6751 North Sunset Boulevard Suite 200 Glendale, AZ 85305 Dear Mr. Doan: As you prepare to play your last game ever as a member of the Phoenix Coyotes, would you mind if I ask you for a favor? On your way out of Phoenix, please don’t tell anyone of […]
  • Robin Lopez, What are you?

    Remember the movie Predator? Google it, my young crunks! In the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the sole survivor on a commando mission in the jungle. Why they were there and what they were doing is inconsequential. All a young crunk need know is that Arnold’s mercenary party had the gross misfortune of running into an […]
  • Trade Steve Nash but only for the right deal

    Last night’s game (Wed 4/6) is a sign towards the future. Unfortunately it’s a future no one wants to admit could be close. The Minnesota Timberwolves are the future Phoenix Suns in positive and negative ways. Steve Nash must be traded during this off-season for a package of players that makes the Suns closer to […]
  • Wolf: Theme park crumbling down

    Many people today don’t take care of the things they have, don’t maintain them, because another one can be purchased to replace the old one. We live in a disposable world where electronics, appliances, cars, houses and even people are neglected and discarded. Knowing when an item can be maintained and knowing when it is […]
  • 9th Inning: The 2011 World Series

    Editor’s Note: Doug believes baseball is broken and would like to fix it. He plans to discuss an issue a week for the coming weeks. Read here for the topics he plans to help baseball fix. I hope you went for extra credit and read all 8 innings of the baseball project. I must admit […]
  • 8th Inning: Instant Replay

    Editor’s Note: Doug believes baseball is broken and would like to fix it. He plans to discuss an issue a week for the coming weeks. Read here for the topics he plans to help baseball fix. The greatest invention of my lifetime is clearly the garage door opener. I remember a time in my young […]
  • Wolf: Beware of Back Waxers

    Quarterbacks are paid the money. These guys make big bucks. Other than the center repeatedly snapping the ball, the Q is the only player on the team that actually does something with the ball on every play. They impact the team in ways that no other position can challenge. Quarterbacks make others around them better. […]

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