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Doug & Wolf

  • Doug: Quick reactions

    • Leinart—better than in practice but still hung Larry out to dry • BKeith—can’t handle Mario • Fanaca—if he’s a HOFer, he didn’t show it • DWash—Wow…can cover and blow up running backs • DWill—three plays sequence: ended up pushed back 8 yards/stuffed a 3rd & 1/pushed back on QB sneak for 1st down…Washington looks […]
  • Doug: What I want to see

    Technically, week 2 started a few days ago. However, since Sunday was an off-day and all of us start the work week on Monday, I’ll say week 2 starts now. I was at every scrimmage and every practice except two. Here’s 5 things I’d like to see in week 2 that I didn’t see in […]
  • Wolf: The Bad Man

    I looked at his bloody hands and wondered why he bothered to tape them in the first place. The stripping wrapped around his knuckles like a boxer, snaking its way through his fingers. It climbed over the back of his ruddy skin and finished around his hairy wrists, a brace for the many blows he […]
  • Doug: Rookie of the team draft pick

    So…did you make your pick in the Rookie of the Team draft? You choose one player from the Cardinals roster who has impressed you. The catch is you have to pick someone drafted on day three or someone who wasn’t drafted at all. My pick is Stephen Williams. He’s a 6′ 5″ 208 lbs. rookie […]
  • Wolf: Intensity at Camp Cardinals

    The foundation of the Arizona Cardinals was put into the ground on Monday afternoon. The practice was very physical and three fights broke out along with a few semi-skirmishes. In the hyper-aggressive world of alpha males playing football at the highest levels our species can generate, this is a good thing. Provided they are handled […]
  • Doug: Who will stand out to you?

    It’s time for you to play the game. Stick your neck on the line and name your “dog.” Every year there’s a couple of us in the media who play scout and after the first weekend of practices you have to declare who your ROOKIE OF THE TEAM is. We pick a player to surprise […]
  • Wolf: Motivated Cardinals

    I don’t understand it and things I don’t understand always put me in an abstract mood. The Arizona Cardinals get no respect and haven’t for the last three seasons. Even after they won the NFC Championship and were the NFC’s representative in Super Bowl 43, a Super Bowl they almost won, before the start of […]
  • Doug: Don’t get mad…yet

    I asked one baseball insider what he thought of the trade. He said it was a great deal, “if you’re an Angels fan.” I agree with him for now. I don’t care what anyone tells you. The trade of Dan Haren was a salary dump. The players Arizona received do not make the organization better […]
  • Wolf: We’re not Ghanaians, we’re Americans

    Soccer is in a tough spot in this country. We do not have a healthy respect for the sport because we have such high regard for football, basketball and baseball. It’s not that we don’t acknowledge soccer; it’s that we love the other sports. There are primarily three reasons for this: these sports belong to […]
  • Wolf: Kerr – When a profession gets personal

    Steve Kerr said his departure from the Phoenix Suns was both “professional and personal.” I’ll take him at his word and ask you to forgive my suppositions. You’ll also have to forgive my rage: but in the name of all that was good and righteous, what happened? Steve Kerr was excited about coming back, vindicated […]
  • Doug: Quick, first reactions to Kerr leaving Suns

    Doug answered a few questions and gave his first reactions to the news of Steve Kerr leaving the Phoenix Suns. Who will/should replace Steve Kerr? David Griffin doesn’t suck up enough so I don’t think it will be him. How will Steve Kerr’s tenure in Phoenix be looked at? He changed a melodrama into a […]
  • Doug: Q&A on conference expansion and re-alignment

    Q: WHAT’S NEXT? A: Nothing happens until Friday when Mizzou and Nebraska must state their intentions. The Big 12 can still be saved but Texas would have to make concessions. I don’t think that will happen because Texas in the “Super 16” is better than Texas in the Big 12 under new revenue distribution rules. […]
  • Wolf: Nash – Leadership

    Steve Nash showed a lot of leadership when he said the Suns were going to win Game 6 and force a Game 7 at Staples Center. I’m paraphrasing what he said because it really doesn’t matter what he said as much as why he said it and what it says about him as a leader. […]
  • Doug: 10 quick thoughts after being punched in the gut

    Just some quick notes while I’m sitting here at Gateway Chevrolet feeling like I got punched in the gut. 1) Box out 2) Any human being who plays as a center or power forward and has as many turnovers as rebounds is not a max contract player 3) Play until you hear the horn, then […]
  • Wolf: Of zones and men

    Competition is an aggressive act. Since the beginning, competition pitted one man against another, opposing each other, imposing their will upon the loser. Many times one man was superior to the other. Many times, physically, one of the competitors had a severe advantage over his opponent and it often cost his inferior his life. They […]

Doug & Wolf