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  • Chad Johnson pleads on national TV for one more shot in NFL

    Chad Johnson use to be known as one of the league’s elite wide receivers, catching at least 87 receptions per year between 2003-2007 with the Cincinnati Bengals. These days, Johnson — who was released by the Miami Dolphins in August after being arrested for domestic battery — has became a caricature of his former self. […]
  • ‘The Lakers have just pooped in their big-boy pants!’

    People love to hate the Los Angeles Lakers. That group includes Craig Ackerman, the radio play-by-play announcer for the Houston Rockets, who really relished his team’s come-from-behind 107-105 win over the Lake Show in Houston Tuesday night. Just watch the video, and enjoy the call. H/T to and Deadspin
  • 49ers coach Harbaugh is an actor, too

    You might recognized Jim Harbaugh from the Visa commercial where he ruins a random dude’s pep talk. Or, maybe, you simply know him as the coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Before all that, though, Harbaugh tested his acting chops on a much larger scale. In this clip discovered by Doug Farrar of the Shutdown […]
  • A little less than 100 percent ball security

    Crazy things happen in high school football, but it’ll be a long time before you’ll see anything like this again. In the Mississippi 3A Championship Game, Hazlehurst’s John Bridges is stripped as he’s attempting to score the go-ahead touchdown. Charleston defensive lineman Jamal Brock and attempts to advance the ball, but Hazlehurst wide receiver Dycelious […]
  • Report: Nash fighting ex-wife's move to California

    Report: Nash fighting ex-wife’s move to California

    Rewind, if you will, back to the summer when Steve Nash told anyone who would listen that one of the big reasons why he orchestrated a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers was so that he could be closer to his kids. The Suns didn’t want him anymore, and Toronto or New York was too […]
  • Paul Bissonnette not invited to play hockey

    Paul Bissonnette not invited to play hockey

    As the NHL’s lockout drags on, players from all around the league have turned to other avenues in order to play. Paul Bissonnette, the popular-for-everything-but-his-play left wing for the Phoenix Coyotes, tweeted to Pittsburgh Penguins All-Star Evgeni Malkin, asking if his team needed another player. Malkin’s response was, in a word, mean. It was also […]
  • San Antonio Spurs are better at basketball than Halloween

    San Antonio Spurs are better at basketball than Halloween

    And people say the San Antonio Spurs’ star players lack personality. Like many others did, Tim Duncan and Tony Parker dressed up for Halloween. And like many others did, they decided to “pretend” to be some sort of villainous folk. Unlike many others (we think), they decided to point toy (we think) guns at someone […]
  • Prince Amukamara no longer goes No. 2 before games

    Sideline reporters have a tricky job trying to inform viewers of things that can’t already see for themselves. At Madison Square Garden, often times that involves doing an impromptu interview with a celebrity or athlete in the stands. During the Knicks’ Friday night home game against the Wizards, however, MSG’s Jill Martin learned that sometimes […]
  • Johnny Manziel wins Heisman…of hair

    We won’t know who wins the 2012 Heisman Trophy for another week or so, but if there was a related award for the college football player with the most influence on a person’s hairstyle, Johnny Manziel would win hands down. The redshirt freshman quarterback from Texas A&M is the inspiration for Christian Chavez’s new ‘do. […]
  • Arizona Cardinals given updated logo for rest of the season

    Arizona Cardinals given updated logo for rest of the season

    This is not the first time the Arizona Cardinals have received the new logo treatment from a website, but it might be the last. @_Happy_Gilmore has created something for Arizona’s NFL team and, unfortunately, it’s not even inaccurate. The Cardinals have lost seven straight games since starting the season 4-0, and are starting a quarterback […]
  • Trail Blazers rookie is afraid of historic statues

    People have fears of many different things. Heights. Spiders. Death. Cardinals quarterbacks. But one thing most are not afraid of is statues, specifically of the historic variety. However, Portland Trail Blazers rookie Damian Lillard is very much afraid of anything that resembles someone historic, whether it be of the wax variety or any other make. […]
  • Byron Scott sums up Cavs' performance succinctly

    Byron Scott sums up Cavs’ performance succinctly

    The Phoenix Suns continued their road trip in Cleveland last night, jumping on the Cavs early and cruising to a 91-78 win at Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland center Anderson Varejao continued his All-Star level of play by pumping in a game-high 20 points and grabbing 18 rebounds including six on the offensive end. Unfortunately for […]
  • Kurt Warner wants teams to make up a job for him

    Kurt Warner, the retired NFL QB-turned-NFL Network analyst might be a little bored these days. Or, perhaps, he’s just tired of watching his former team struggle to put points on the board. Warner sent out a tweet Tuesday saying…well…you can read it for yourself. I am thinking some NFL teams need 2 hire me as […]
  • The most destructive volleyball spike ever

    Volleyball? Destructive? Not normally, but when a single spike takes out two people, the sport crosses over into that territory. Watch out for that ricochet, it can be a doozy. Keep an eye out for the spectator walking along the sideline about 30 feet from the “impact”.
  • The dangers of Pee-Wee football

    Who says the running back has to be a quick, shifty type? Not in this Pee-Wee Football League, where the tailback is the biggest dude on the field and imposes his size upon a safety attempting to make a tackle. It’s a violent collision with the safety (and the ground) taking the worst of it. […]