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  • Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl simulation bad news for ASU

    The folks over at Sports Gaming Universe are simulating all 35 bowl games this season. If their simulations are accurate, it’s bad news for Arizona State fans. The Sun Devils, who are preparing to take on Navy in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl December 29 in San Francisco, were beaten by the Midshipmen 17-7 in […]
  • P.J. Tucker ruins Alvin Gentry’s suit during courtside run-in

    Talk about an expensive collision. During the second quarter of the Phoenix Suns’ win Wednesday night, PJ Tucker ran into Alvin Gentry courtside and damaged his head coach’s pricy suit in the process. The play made ESPN’s “Not Top 10 Plays” afterwards. On Friday, Gentry and Tucker talked to the media about the accident after […]
  • Yes, this guy is the best kicker in the history of the world

    Think of the best kicker you’ve ever seen. Soccer, football, fútbol — it doesn’t really matter what the sport, just think of the person. And now realize he’s nowhere near as good at kicking anything as Håvard Rugland, who is the guy in the video below kicking a football ever so awesomely. Follow @theAdamGreen
  • Kevin Towers: The sexiest GM in baseball

    The Oakland Athletics addressed their opening at shortstop by signing Japanese star Hiroyuki Nakajima, who was introduced in the Bay Area Wednesday. During the press conference, Nakajima said he was excited to play for Oakland because A’s GM Billy Beane “is extremely sexy and cool.” OK Yahoo! Sports took Nakajima’s comments to the next level, […]
  • Apparently ‘Kaepernicking’ is childspeak for ‘rapping poorly’

    Colin Kaepernick has taken the Bay Area by storm. The second-year pro from Nevada took over as the San Francisco 49ers’ starting quarterback in a Week 10 tie against the St. Louis Rams, and has led an already good team to four wins in its last five games. Kaepernick, 25, has thrown seven touchdown passes […]
  • Fifth grade basketball phenom starting for HS team

    If you pore over recruiting reports to find out who the best varsity basketball point guards in the country and where they’re headed to college, you won’t find the name Julian Newman on the list. Newman is averaging 12.4 points and 11 assists per game for tiny Downey Christian School in Orlando — certainly worthy […]
  • Arizona Wildcats basketball gets in holiday spirit

    The Arizona Wildcats men’s basketball team is playing well these days. They’re 9-0 on the season and ranked in the top five of both the AP Poll and USA Today Coaches Poll. So maybe it should come as little surprise they are in a jolly mood, though the fact that the players are happy enough […]
  • Carolina fans: Loyal and rabid, but not grammatically correct

    The Carolina Panthers played (and destroyed) the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium this past Sunday by the score of 31-7. San Diego fans are notoriously gracious when it comes to leaving open seats (or more accurately, sections) to opposing fans, so some loyal Carolina fans made the cross-country trek to San Diego to root […]
  • Church says ‘we told you so’ about Cardinals

    West Greenway Bible Church in Phoenix made national and local headlines last week when they posted on its marquee the following: No on is beyond God’s help — not even the Cardinals! Luke 18:27 Of course the Cardinals were fresh off an embarrassing 58-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, so the church was having a […]
  • Danny Amendola’s TD celebration goes terribly wrong

    Few things went right for the St. Louis Rams in Week 15. And even when they did go right against the Minnesota Vikings, trouble seemed to follow. For example, take Danny Amendola’s six-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter. After Amendola reached the end zone to cut the deficit to 19, he went for the […]
  • The 4th Annual Fictional Bowl Games for College Football’s Also-rans

    It’s December, and for those of you who like to avoid the holiday season, there’s a conveniently-scheduled distraction just for you: college football bowl season. As I write this, 70 of the nation’s finest college football teams (ah, who am I kidding, there’s plenty of mediocre ones in there, too) — 70 of the nation’s […]
  • Suddenly Cardinals’ loss to Seahawks doesn’t seem so bad

    Apparently a 58-0 loss like the one the Arizona Cardinals suffered to the Seattle Seahawks Sunday was not the worst a team could do. A report on talks about a high school girl’s basketball game that ended with a score even more lopsided than the one at Century Link Field. 107-2. As the story […]
  • Ten-year-old dances with NFL cheerleaders

    Think this kid is the most popular in his class? We’d be willing to bet he is. Ten-year-old Christian Bottger got a chance to perform with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past week, and quite frankly, nailed his peformance of “Gangnam Style” and “Teach Me How to Dougie.” Follow @Vincemarotta
  • Kevin Towers’ Wikipedia page takes a beating

    The beauty of Wikipedia is that its users are the ones who provide the content. It’s also an excellent resource for college students who are too lazy to go to a library. Not like that was any of us or anything. Anyway, the encyclopedia-like site is constantly updated, as anyone can edit or make changes. […]
  • Jay Leno pokes fun at Arizona Cardinals

    Have the Arizona Cardinals gotten so bad it’s funny? Maybe, though it helps if you’re not actually a fan of the team. Because if you don’t care about how they do, well, a 58-0 defeat is certainly worth a chuckle or two. That must be what Tonight Show host Jay Leno thought, as part of […]