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  • Bissonnette, Keller take it from the rink to the racetrack

    It's not uncommon to see Paul Bissonnette and Clayton Keller in the same space. What isn't common is their most recent venture from the ice to the asphalt.
  • French players continue celebration during post-match press conference

    The French National Team captured their second World Cup by defeating Croatia 4-2 on Sunday. And man, did they celebrate.
  • D-backs prospect Yoan Lopez wows with a strikeout and a wild hairdo

    Arizona Diamondbacks prospect Yoan Lopez made quite the splash at the MLB Futures Game with his play on the field and off the field.
  • Metta World Peace and the city of Detroit clearly don’t mix well

    Metta World Peace and the city of Detroit just don't seem to go well together. That was made apparent Friday when he took the ball from a referee during a Big3 basketball game and punted it.
  • Chicago White Sox fan takes ‘saving some for later’ to a new level

    A Chicago White Sox fan clearly didn't know when to say "stop" when it comes to mustard on his hot dog. Not only did he not notice, the woman next to him was oblivious as well.
  • Some Cardinals players aren’t exactly happy about their Madden ratings

    Members of the Arizona Cardinals weren't exactly pleased when they found out their Madden Ratings this week, expressing their displeasure in a video posted to Twitter.
  • Cardinals’ Budda Baker is not too pleased with his Madden Rating

    Madden is typically a game of good times and competition, but for one Arizona Cardinal, the game creators have some explaining to do.
  • Toothpaste, then water? D-backs tackle the tough question

    When the Arizona Diamondbacks aren't out on the diamond playing baseball, they get asked the hard questions. Monday's was clearly evident of that.
  • Archie Bradley is prepared in case of another accident

    In case Archie Bradley has to go number two again and can't make it to the bathroom in time for his trip to the mound, he will be prepared thanks to a new endorsement with Dude Wipes.
  • Jay Cutler is as enthusiastic about reality TV as he is about football

    Jay Cutler made a reality TV show debut on "Very Cavallari," and it confirmed everything you thought you knew about Jay Cutler the NFL quarterback.
  • Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges enthralled by Vegas magician

    Suns rookies Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges got a taste of Vegas entertainment when a magician blew their minds with a trick using basketball trading cards.
  • Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods planning epic head-to-head matchup

    The matchup between Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods is always one to watch during big tournaments, but now the two have raised the stakes even more. 
  • Rays’ Carlos Gomez is clearly not in the Fourth of July spirit

    Fourth of July is usually a relaxing time for most people who use the holiday to gather with friends, watch fireworks and celebrate America. For Rays' Carlos Gomez, he decided to bring his own fireworks to the team dugout.
  • Rolling Neymar becomes a World Cup meme

    Neymar of Brazil was turned into a meme for his over-reactions to being tripped kicked and hit in the 2018 World Cup.
  • Louisville fan irks UK coach John Calipari, who then helps puppies

    John Calipari responded to a Louisville fan's accusation that he didn't like doggos with a few tweets that should help the local Lexington Humane Society.