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  • Mike ‘Chris’ Bibby, the Phoenix streetballer nobody has ever heard of

    While filming for Uncle Drew is already underway, PepsiCo might want to look into writing former Arizona Wildcat Mike Bibby in as an extra.
  • Deion Sanders picks best safety, might not be able to name another NFL safety

    Kevin Byard is an AP All-Pro safety. When he questioned Deion Sanders' pick of the NFL's best safety, Primetime thought he was a fan.
  • Milwaukee Brewers revisit their ‘Sandlot’ days during spring training

    "'There's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.' - Babe Ruth" - Milwaukee Brewers. Happy 25th anniversary, Sandlot.
  • A question for Jordan Clarkson, who thinks large humans owned dinosaurs

    Jordan Clarkson expressed an unusual belief on Road Trippin' with Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye. We have a question that needs an answer.
  • ASU football coach Herm Edwards, Blue Angels team up for wild ride

    On Friday, ASU football coach Herm Edwards felt the need... the need for speed.
  • UMBC men’s basketball won on and off the court last night

    As the University of Maryland, Baltimore County became the first men's 16-seed to upset a 1-seed, its twitter account won off the court.
  • Scoreboard error shows ASU trailing by a lot in NCAA Tournament

    In the opening 10 minutes of a game, there isn't often going to be a deficit too large to overcome. For a moment on Wednesday, though, that was true.
  • Carolina Hurricanes prank fans who try to click on GM job application

    The Hurricanes, who recently re-assigned their general manager to a different role in the organization, tweeted out a link for fans to apply for the role.
  • Tucson car wash sign rips ESPN’s report on Sean Miller

    The Bubble Bath Car Wash is using anger created by ESPN's report on Arizona head coach Sean Miller to draw customers with a clever marketing tactic.
  • Ripped NFL referee Ed Hochuli retires, less-shredded son earns promotion

    Let's remember the best and biggest biceps from official Ed Hochuli, who the NFL announced will retire. His son, Shawn Hochuli, also earned a promotion.
  • Larry Fitzgerald does some unofficial scouting for Suns on Tobacco Road

    Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals is a busy man. Saturday night, he was in North Carolina, looking to help out another Valley franchise.
  • J.R. Smith suspended for throwing soup, NBA Twitter loses it

    NBA fans woke up Friday morning to a peculiar story surrounding Cleveland Cavaliers J.R. Smith, assistant coach Damon Jones and a bowl of soup.
  • After Miller presser, internet declares coach owner of ESPN

    ESPN had a new owner for a brief moment on Thursday afternoon, at least according to the Wikipedia page dedicated to the company.
  • ASU, UA each represented on CFB Reddit’s best names in college football

    When you are a sports fan, you are sure to come across a name or two that you become borderline obsessed with.
  • ESPNU broadcast of ASU-OSU game falsely claims firing of Sean Miller

    Twitter was sent into a frenzy when a broadcaster for the ASU game said that, "Sean Miller had been relieved of his duties at Arizona."