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  • Ripped NFL referee Ed Hochuli retires, less-shredded son earns promotion

    Let's remember the best and biggest biceps from official Ed Hochuli, who the NFL announced will retire. His son, Shawn Hochuli, also earned a promotion.
  • Larry Fitzgerald does some unofficial scouting for Suns on Tobacco Road

    Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals is a busy man. Saturday night, he was in North Carolina, looking to help out another Valley franchise.
  • J.R. Smith suspended for throwing soup, NBA Twitter loses it

    NBA fans woke up Friday morning to a peculiar story surrounding Cleveland Cavaliers J.R. Smith, assistant coach Damon Jones and a bowl of soup.
  • After Miller presser, internet declares coach owner of ESPN

    ESPN had a new owner for a brief moment on Thursday afternoon, at least according to the Wikipedia page dedicated to the company.
  • ASU, UA each represented on CFB Reddit’s best names in college football

    When you are a sports fan, you are sure to come across a name or two that you become borderline obsessed with.
  • ESPNU broadcast of ASU-OSU game falsely claims firing of Sean Miller

    Twitter was sent into a frenzy when a broadcaster for the ASU game said that, "Sean Miller had been relieved of his duties at Arizona."
  • Photographer, Blue Jays’ Troy Tulowitzki enjoy awkward photo shoot

    During a photo shoot, Blue Jays' Troy Tulowitzki was asked to set up as a pitcher, not a shortstop. But the real question is, who was having fun with who?
  • German soccer fans protest by throwing hundreds of tennis balls

    Supporters for the German soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt wanted their protests to be heard, and they did so in a creative way Monday.
  • Al Roker missed Larry Fitzgerald’s non-retirement news

    Larry Fitzgerald isn't retiring, but the TODAY Show's Al Roker missed that news while meeting Fitzgerald in South Korea during the Pyeongchang Olympics.
  • Kevin Hart’s very long NBA All-Star game intro was weird and bad

    Kevin Hart, Fergie and Rob Riggle did some weird stuff in the half-hour prior to the 2018 NBA All-Star game tipping off on Sunday.
  • ‘J.D. Come Back’: A song parody for J.D. Martinez

    What better way to let free agent outfielder J.D. Martinez know he's wanted by the Arizona Diamondbacks than by romantic tune?
  • Winter Olympics referee takes his job too seriously

    When the NHL announced its players wouldn't participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics, some worried that hockey would be less entertaining.
  • Arizona’s Sean Miller still sweats a lot, ASU’s Bobby Hurley still yells a lot

    Arizona head coach Sean Miller was shown sweating through his jacket Thursday while Arizona State head coach Bobby Hurley was frequently yelling.
  • Nebraska’s bench mob pulls off synchronized Macarena celebration

    Nebraska's bench mob wasn't quite on the level of Monmouth's, but they pulled off an impressive Macarena dance after a made 3-pointer.
  • The Colts are sure they have hired Frank Reich as coach

    The Indianapolis Colts want you to know they really do have a head coach hired. Here's a picture of Frank Reich with a Sunday paper as proof.