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  • D-backs get philosophical when asked ‘is a hot dog a sandwich?’

    Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is SUBWAY a maker of sandwiches? The Arizona Diamondbacks get philosophical on National Hot Dog Day.
  • Tigers to give out Martinez bobblehead, who they traded away

    Just two days before they traded outfielder J.D. Martinez to the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Detroit Tigers posted an offer for his bobblehead giveaway.
  • Lakers fans will root for the Lonzo Ball-Ned Stark duo

    Ned Stark and Shawn Carter do not play for the Lakers' Summer League team, but the team's own fans apparently don't know that.
  • Ray vs. Romano? Everybody’s loving this matchup

    The pitching matchup in Tuesday's D-backs-Reds game in Cincinnati should make fans of a certain television sitcom very happy.
  • Pirates fan reinvents ‘throwing it back’ by chucking HR ball into river

    A Pittsburgh Pirates fan showed a new way for baseball fans to throw it back by chucking a home run ball by the opposing team into a river.
  • Born with one hand, Kentucky Little Leaguer goes yard

    Keenan Briggs stats for the Little League district all-star tournament in Kentucky included going 4 for 9 with a double and a home run.
  • Bruce Arians used to drink paint because he was allergic to milk

    Yes, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians did drink paint and have his stomach pumped as a kid. The reason he did so is, well, pretty logical.
  • Zack Greinke pitches to C-3PO in All-Star Game

    Arizona Diamondbacks ace Zack Greinke was called on to start the sixth inning and when he went out to pitch, he was pitching to C-3PO. Wait, what?
  • Diamondbacks’ All-Star intros were a bit — awkward

    Reactions ranged from surprise to awkward waves to nobody for the four Arizona Diamondbacks All-Stars when introduced at the game.
  • FanGraphs: D-backs’ Mathis took the worst strike call so far in 2017

    Arizona Diamondbacks catcher Jeff Mathis was involved in what FanGraph's called the worst called strike of the first half of the 2017 season.
  • Joel Embiid had fun at the Home Run Derby

    You might think that Joel Embiid would become a little more private after being fined $10,000 by the NBA. You clearly don't know Joel Embiid then.
  • Knicks couldn’t offer Alan Williams, so he made a music video in Suns return

    The Knicks apparently took so long to offer Alan Williams a contract that the free agent had enough time to make a music video announcing a Suns return.
  • Panthers bring fresh take, become prince of Twitter for a day

    The NFL offseason leaves plenty of downtime for players and team employees, and the Carolina Panthers social media team used theirs wisely.
  • Reporters report on two-hour rain delay featuring no rain

    At first, Atlanta Braves beat writer David O'Brien just thought it was silly the Washington Nationals put their 7 p.m. ET game in a rain delay.
  • Rochester mascot changes to Garbage Plates for a day

    The Rochester minor league baseball team's mascot is usually a Red Wing. On August 10, the squad will become the Rochester Plates -- as in Garbage Plates.