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  • Archie Bradley does not agree with’s power rankings

    D-backs reliever Archie Bradley showed displeasure about's most recent power rankings, which ranked Arizona fifth in baseball.
  • Reggie Miller put on a VR headset for a game he’s already at

    Virtual reality is one of the biggest trends right now in technology. Put on a VR headset and you'll feel like you are really where the system is projecting.
  • The Detroit Tigers are also bringing back the bullpen cart

    The Arizona Diamondbacks bullpen cart is no longer a one-of-a-kind novelty. Starting on Friday, the Detroit Tigers will offer relievers the chance to ride to the mound on their own bullpen cart.
  • Cardinals’ David Johnson runs drills with UFC champion Tyron Woodley

    Donning a No. 1 jersey with the name "Chosen" on the back, T-Wood performed drills in a video tweeted out by the Cardinals on Friday.
  • The Red Sox’s WiFi password is not very secure

    The Boston Red Sox probably should create a more secure WiFi password than "baseball." Fans gave their suggestions for a change.
  • What’s my name again? Rockets’ Jackson ‘anonymous’ in NBA debut

    There was something missing from Aaron Jackson's game jersey when he made his NBA debut Wednesday for the Houston Rockets: his name.
  • Big Sauce’s mind explodes as Nickelback guy sings to him

    Nickelback singer Chad Kroeger belted "How You Remind Me" with Phoenix Suns center Alan Williams in the middle of a Scottsdale bar.
  • Warriors’ JaVale McGee eats fan’s popcorn at Suns game

    Warriors center JaVale McGee snagged himself a free snack of popcorn, and one fan at the Suns' arena had no time to react to what just happened to him.
  • Denver Post mistakenly uses wrong photo for Coors Field feature

    Let's be honest, mistakes happen. It's an inevitable part of life. But in some instances, even a simple apology for a mistake isn't enough, especially in the Twitter world. The Denver Post learned the hard way Friday.
  • 15th hole a nightmare for defending Masters champ Sergio Garcia

    Sergio Garcia's first round as defending Masters champion didn't go well Thursday, thanks mostly to a nightmarish 13 on the 15th hole that included five balls in the water.
  • Very strong football man Mark Ingram gets tackled by very good dog

    New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram met quite the match while on a USO tour. An Italian security dog slung him to the ground.
  • Why is UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen trolling Jim Mora Jr.?

    Former UCLA head coach Jim Mora Jr. believes NFL Draft prospect Josh Rosen being a millenial makes him ask why. We wonder why that is.
  • Help 98.7 FM producer Andy ‘Airtime’ Greenberg drive the D-backs’ cart

    Doug & Wolf co-host Doug Franz already zipped around in the Arizona Diamondbacks' bullpen cart. But 98.7 FM producer Andy Greenberg wants a ride, too.
  • The internet is a dangerous place for sports fans on April Fools’ Day

    The lesson here: Don't get on the internet on April Fools' Day.
  • Accountant helps Blackhawks hold off Jets…yes, you read that right

    Every team in the NHL has a roster of emergency goalies. Rarely do they dress and almost never do they play. But Scott Foster did, and lived a dream.

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