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  • silptov1 wrote...
    Randy Johnson
    He's paid millions to do what he does best, pitch. Why does he have to act like a jerk??? I think this is what turns most people off.....
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  • Ethan P. wrote...
    Acting like a jerk
    He acts like a jerk because that is what makes him a great pitcher. The intimidation and edge of Randy Johnson makes him Randy Johnson! Take that away and he becomes a mediocre pitcher...
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  • Eric H. wrote...
    What makes him a focused winner in part is his personality. Not every player or professional person in any office is the same. I do not want them to be the same. I generally do not want my data input people to have the same personality as my sales people. Just because Randy does not Kiss the medias a-- they vilify him. They showed up on his home door step and are surprised he is mad? give me a break. Hey media - shut up! I wish we had his attitude on our team now!
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