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  • nyslob wrote...
    suns vs. cards
    Dave, agree the town would turn upside down with a win over the Lakers. Though the Cards have been the big story in town the past two years, that's been more like an affair. The relationship with the Suns, for long time residents, has been lifelong, and heart felt. Therefore, a championship run is/would be far sweeter.
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  • James C. wrote...
    8 Options Or More
    It appears the pundits were correct in suggesting the window had closed on the seven seconds or less version of the Suns. Thankfully, Gentry and Kerr calmly walked over, opened the door, and let the new Suns back into contention. Although some of the pieces are still the same, these are not the seven seconds or less Suns. These Suns win with versatility, depth, and defense. And while the seven seconds or less Suns were a great show, these new Suns are a great TEAM.
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  • Jim Sanson wrote...
    How can the suns win 4 games against them? Jazz has not damaged them.
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  • Dick W. wrote...
    Get the Respect by knocking off the Lakers
    Suns made it to the Western Conf. Finals after beating two teams that were beat up & short numerous key players ( Portland was playing with their 2nd team most of the way & the Spurs gave away all their 3 point shooters or that series would still be going on ); Now Win & Beat the Lakers who are @ Full strength & the Suns will have arrived---chance of that happening ( Slim to none ) It will be LA vs the Best of the East ( Go East Champ --- knock off those Laker Boys )
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