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  • James C. wrote...
    I am not a role model.
    Although he was flawed in many ways, I know that I can admit that I am far from perfect too. He was larger than life and asserted his own unique style into the rich Yankee tradition. Every sports franchise would be lucky to have an owner like Steinbrenner. His commitment to winning was unwavering. He would do anything to win, including taking chances and overspending, and was an example to other owners of what real dedication entails. Cough! Ahem Sarver... Cough! Excuse me.
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  • Jarrod P. wrote...
    Rest In Peace Mr. Steinbrenner
    As a lifelong Mets fan and Yankee hater, I have a lump in my throat today. Growing up in New York, George was somewhat of a hero- a renegade, a pioneer. He wanted to win and that is all he wanted. He wanted rings. He did whatever was needed to get the rings. He was also very smart-building a TV empire as well. As much as I hate the Yankees I would take a George Steinbrenner as the owner of my team, any day. We lost a true sports legend today. Today, i stand next to my Yankee brothers and sisters in mourning. Rest in Peace Mr. Steinbrenner. Jarrod P
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  • diastu wrote...
    A Loss for Thoroughbred Racing Too
    As a lifelong westerner, I "didn't like" the Yankees (am I being polite enough?), and "didn't like" Steinbrenner - in baseball mode. However, as a fan of anything equine, I had a lot of respect for Steinbrenner and know that his death is a huge loss to Thoroughbred racing. He was a breeder, owner and racer of many high class stakes runners and winners, owned and operated at least one race track, and supported many aspects of the industry with his participation and dollars. Rest in peace, Boss. For your "horse sense" alone, you will be missed.
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  • r s. wrote...
    not a baseball fan of him
    i pay my respects to the steinbrenner family- he like baseball, but for some reason(forgot), i just didn,t care for some of the things he represented from the yankees. he should have stayed away from baseball and delt with horse breeding
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