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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    Something everyone overlooks is
    that you don't have to have a great QB to win. You just need a decent one... But to win with a decent NFL qb you need a solid run game (that can generate 1st downs) and a solid defense (like the Steelers). Our defense can't even tackle! If the players can't do the basics of the game I'm asking the coaches, why? Blame Davis and Whiz for ATL and SD's losses. The Defense's inconsistancies and the Offense's lack of production is a pathetic thing to watch every sunday. Until you turn stuff around, you've lost my airtime. I'm not your stuff until you start winning. Good luck.
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  • Cardsrule#43 wrote...
    True Cards Fan?!
    I admit we have a bad quarterback and defense issue but this is still our team! True fans stick with their team! Thats what a true fan does! Look at all the Saints and Tampa Bay Buc fans? They were true until their team won the big one. You may have all your reasons for being a "Ban Wagon" fan but I beleive Whiz will fix what's going on with this team! GO CARDS!
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  • stapletoncda wrote...
    I distincly remember
    I distinctly remember seeing the empty Sombrero in Tampa back in the day and the fans in New Orleans that wore bags over their heads while calling the team Aints. I am all for supporting the team, however, when the product is this bad you question whether or not it can be turned around. I personally don't blame Whiz. Remember all of those free agents that left and Anquan being traded. It sounds like the Bidwell's are back in charge of the purse. McNabb was available but our front office would not pull the trigger. I will still follow the Cards.
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  • jwwdaterd wrote...
    Still a fan!
    I have been a Cubs fan since 1959. And when you are a Cubs fan, winning is not always apart of the equation. It is purely a love of baseball. Same with the Cards, been a fan since 1988. Will be a fan tomorrow, no matter what. It's the love of football and a sense of loyalty to my hometown team.
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  • my2cents wrote...
    I bet you will be happy...
    ....the day Arizona ever gets a pro team then huh?
    ~ “How smart do you have to be to write about bacon all day?”
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    jwwdaterd wrote...
    Offensive Line Woes
    Let's not forget to mention that if you do not have a franchise quarterback, you better have an offensive line that can give him a little more time to make the correct decisions. It appears whomever is the quarterback, they have become a black hole that justs sucks everything into them. I do not see any light escaping this situation. But lets not behead the coach just yet. Give him a chance to work through it.
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  • James C. wrote...
    Kurt Warner
    gave the Cardinals plenty of time to find his replacement and they squandered it. Someone should be held responsible for fielding a team without an NFL caliber starting quarterback. Unfortunately, that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Cardinals haven't been able to run the ball or play defense during Whisenhhunt's tenure. That must be year 5 of his plan. 40+ points surrended in 4 of the last 6 games. 9 sacks allowed. 31st in total offense. 29th in total defense. -6 turnover margin. This team sucks and it starts from the top down.
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  • theuglytruth wrote...
    Not in favor of a rookie QB
    I'm not hot to trot to start a rookie at QB at this point. The division is weak and there's still a chance with a QB that can step up in the pocket and is tough enough to take a few hits...thanks to our horific Oline. Hall doesn't stand a chance against NO (the same D that retired Kurt Warner with a brutal hit), and with Quest Field looming in a few weeks...forget about it. That place is a clear home field advantage for the's brutal. You might as well fold it up for the year if Hall starts.
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  • Big Mean Bully wrote...
    These guys should be arrested
    for impersonating football players. They should be run out of town and the big Pink Taco Stadium in Glendale converted into an indoor hockey ring.
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  • Dukkee wrote...
    Hocket y ring?
    Good idea, except no one in Arizona know how to play hockey, either.
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