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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    Im the one who says to get the best draft pick
    But I'm happy with the win. I'm happy to see our whole team play well as a entire unit offense/defense! That's how you win games. That's how you do it Cardinals. As far as that "best draft pick possible" is concerned... Lets just wait on that. Lets see how this Skelton kid pans out for the rest of the season... Whiz has 3 games left in the season to see how this kid can play! Might we not even need to draft a qb? Lets see!!!
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  • FitzIsMyHero wrote...
    Skelton helped moved the ball
    He pulled his own weight that is required from his position on the field. He didnt throw any TD's but he didnt turn the ball over. He would of looked even better if Breaston caught those drops. He put the ball only where his reciever could get it, which is what you want your qb's to do... No INT's! GREAT DEFENSE. They took advantage of Denvers mistakes on offense. This win signifies that Whiz doesnt care about his draft status in April, he just wants to get back to his winning ways...
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  • Mark B. wrote...
    Losing in not a Mentality
    Imagine yourself be a player or coach on game day, and then telling yourself I am going to play bad to lose. We all have this thing call pride, and that gives us the motivation and purpose. If you think for a second that you can tell any athelete to not perform to their abilities and throw away thier pride, your kidding yourself. They are out there busting thier butts, and want to feel good about thier efforts. So the next time you want an athelete to throw a game, just think of yourself screwing up something at work on purpose. And ask yourself how would you feel.
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  • onepoker wrote...
    as a guy hoping for a high draft pick
    I just have to say, I will not be disappointed if we win the rest of our games under skelton. if da was going to be the qb I think that would be very unfair to skelton because odds are he would be replaced by andrew luck and would never get a shot. If skelton loses out then that is the way it goes if he is replaced by cam newton or andrew luck. I also really liked seeing schofield and d. washington in the game making things happen.
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